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My roof liner is drooping. This is typical of older cars. My question is. How do I get it back up there? I am redetailing my interior since i fixed the trans, so i want to take care of that as well. Any links to products, and before and after images would help. Thanks

posted by  6000LE

3m super trim adhesive.[/img]

To do it right, you should pull the headliner board out of the car, which is a complete PITA (considering the factory installs it through the windshield opening before the glass is installed). THe board is actually hard foam, and it's easy to crack it (which will allow it to fall back ouot after re-installing it). You also have to remove ALL of the crusty foam that is on the fabric and hard foam liner with course sandpaper or a coarse Scotch Brite pad. If you don't it will just delaminate again. Then use the adhesive on the foam and fabric as per teh instructions on the label.

Another adhesive that often works is this:

Usually found at [i]good craft stores

posted by  ChrisV

If all else fails, use a staple gun. :laughing:

posted by  hondaman

Maybe I shoud just get someone to do it for me?
for money?
like a shop
or just leave it sagging?

posted by  6000LE

Or you could get ChrisV to do it, for a discount. :wink2:

posted by  car_crazy89

i doubt that he lives in my area

posted by  6000LE

make sure you get the 3m SUPER trim adhesive, as the regular 3m trim adhesive will hold just long enough to begin reinstalling the headliner before it peels off. you wouldn't think it makes that much difference, but it does...

posted by  dodger65

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