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I have a 1990 Pontiac 6000 LE
3.1L V-6 Fuel Injected FI engine
148,610 miles
Runs like new ever since i replaced the transmission fluid.
Now here is my idea

17in Rims- $350-400
Tires to fit the rims- $???
Amplifier, and (2)12in Subwoofers with enclosure- $139
Custom interior paint (i.e dashboard, panels)
Fix dents
Repain window panes on exterior
Fix roof lining

COnsidering that this car runs great and i dont drive much, these arent bad ideas. Especially because everythnig that costs money is transferrable (get next car and stick stuff in there)

Well am I out of my mind, or is the world just hating because there are only like 500 of these cars left in America, and noone thinks it can be done. Let me know guys

posted by  6000LE

Theres more of those cars around, their just in the junkyard :laughing: i'm j/k. It sounds like a good idea, and since they are transferrable parts you arent totally out whatever money you put into it so thats a bonus. I'd say go for it, especially if you like the car and feel proud driving it.

posted by  car_crazy89

Do you think that the rims will be transferrable to like for example an Inegra
They arent 4 or 5 hole drilled
they have like 11 or sometihng all around so u can fit them anywhere
just the size
i wana get not the lowest profile but close
because the roads here arent so bad
and how do i reattach the roof
its sagging like crazy
thinking of getting a new fabrif for it possibly
like black

posted by  6000LE

I'm not totally sure but the 6000Le is 5 lug and the Integra is 4 lug are they not? If so i dont think they would transfer to an Integra (i may be wrong but i done think it will fit on both 4 and 5 lug cars), i think the extra holes are just so that it can fit various 5 lug models with different gaps/spaces between each lug (universal). I think with the rims (wheels) you could possibly use them on other cars such as Fords, Chevys and Dodges but they wont fit imports. About the roof, i'm not sure whats best to use but i think you will have to scrape off whats left of the stuff they used to hold it up there (the glue or w/e) so it has a clean bonding surface. I'm curious though, is your car 2 or 4 door, or wagon?

posted by  car_crazy89

I think 6000LEs came only in 4 door form? I could very well be mistaken though.
As for your headliner situation, that is a problem very common in older GM cars, maybe even all American cars from that time period, it just seems to be just GM cars to me, I dunno. It's a common problem anyway. As for fixing it, try what ^^^he said but I think the only way to fix it permanently is to get it professionally reupholstered.

posted by  hondaman

Mine is a 4 door
There is a 2 door model but ive only seen one and not in life
there is also a wagon
the integra is a 4 lug you are correct
il have to see those rims and see if they fit both 5 and 4 lugs
because its not like the lugs are stuck to specific cars
my moms old Civic had 5 lugs i think
il find some pictures and say for sure in a day or so
also gona check the rims for fit
as for the roof, il see something to do

posted by  6000LE

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