1995 plymouth voyager 3.0L

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Hi there. Im having probs with my van..it was hard to start the other day,but when i had it going..shut down to go into the store it started with ease..untill it sat for awhile again.Now it wont start at all. I just put a new filter on it,because the old one was leaking.I did a fault code check and it gave me 12=battery and code 11= timing belt skipped a tooth, or,cam sensor, or crank sensor.I hear the pump go when i turn the key,but im not sure where these sensors are located..or how to check the timing belt..any help would be great ty :banghead: I did some more work and found that the distributor isnt getting spark.the coil seems fine but the ground isnt making it bac to the coil.from ditributor..i replace the ditributor and it still wont start

posted by  hapstur

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