1996 chrysler cirrus lx i might buy....

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its going for 700 or best offer. bodie has very few scratches in it. interior is clean. its the 6 cylinder. only thing wrong with it is it cant shift to park which my uncle can fix easy he said and im going to get new tires for it, hubcaps, and im going to wash out the inside. im going to try getting it for 600-500 oh ya and it has 112,000 miles on it...nothing wrong with the motor or anything..

should i get it?

posted by  helghast101

Ask the owner how frequently he had it serviced and then see.

posted by  hondaman

A V6 like that can run for a long time and if it was taking care of, it would maybe run for 180 to 200 thousand miles. With a price like that I would take it :thumbs:

posted by  99integra

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