could you name me off some vehicles that have a body like the cavalier?

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and i could perhaps find around $2,000 used.

posted by  helghast101

do you mean j-body cars?

i've got a pontiac sunbird, but they stopped making them in... erm... mid 90's. got replaced by the sunfire, which is also a j-body car.

posted by  pik_d

1 - could you name me off some vehicles that have a body like the cavalier?

2 - oh i likes.....

3 - what are some cars that have the same....

4 - what would be a good car with these features?

5 - 1996 chrysler cirrus lx i might buy....

6 - what is a...

7 - can you name some cars that...

This is your 7th thread about some 3K or under car that you should buy. Why don't you just make a thread called "what should this poor 16yr old buy?" instead of being a thread whore?

as for the answer, any j-body car(sunfire, cavvy, civics)

posted by  dodgerforlife

I'm not a fan of the J-Body. Now F-body, theres something

posted by  Oomba

they are ofcourse a step up from the j-body's, and i like all of them except the latest generation camaros. they just dont look right... (ofcourse all of america apparently disagrees with me judging by how many i see on the road). :fu:

dodgerforlife, since when were civics j-bodys?

posted by  pik_d

i group them as part of the j-body grouping because all of those damn cars look damn near the same. plus all three of them are "riceroni"...

posted by  dodgerforlife

J-body is the GM designation for that chassis. If you group them together with Civics as "J-bodies" it just makes you look ignorant. Is that what you want?

I'm tired of the closed minded bullshit that supposed automotive enthusiasts pass off as acceptable behavior.

posted by  ChrisV

I don't feel that it makes me ignorant, I feel that it makes me sick of every kitted, lighted, rimmed ****ing cavvy, sunfire, and civic i have in my city. That's ALL thats "tuned" here. You don't see any one-of-a-kind cars in my city from any one of those three models. Hell, I went to school with a girl who thought compact tuning was changing the rims, adding a stereo, and putting some decals on her car. Then she got a million dollars(inheiritance), and got a shop to drop it two inches, and put a kit on it. And you want to know what her life-goal was? TO BE A TUNER. She did none of the work herself, she paid for others to do it. It makes me SICK to see that SHIT.

You say your sick of the close-minded bullshit that I am supposedly purporting? Well, Eat Shit. I did NOT ask for your opinion on my THOUGHTS. I never specifically stated, as a TRUE fact, that a civic was j-body. I meant to lump it in with that group of cars, because those three are probably the top three "riced" cars.

Find me some stupid 16 year old with more money then brains, and see if they don't drive a sunfire, cavalier, or civic, that does not have a single mod to their car(fart cans, rims, stereo, tint, bodykit, decals, wings), I dare you.

Now go harp on someone else, ass.

posted by  dodgerforlife

"as for the answer, any j-body car(sunfire, cavvy, civics)"

yea, yea you did.

i've got a 1993 sunbird, have around $1700, about to have $10,000 more. im not sure how you equate brains to dollars, but im sure "getting a check for $10,000 from my 'daddy'" equates to alot.

guess what. no mods. (well, im also 18, so i dont quite fit your steriotype anyway)

anyways, if you cant tell the difference between calling a civic a j-body, and hating ricers who call themselves "tuners", then yea, that is ignorance.

posted by  pik_d

But where did I say "The Honda Civic is in fact, a J-body car"? I already explained WHY I lumped it as part of the J-body grouping, so I do not feel the need to explain that any further. I basically admitted I screwed up in grouping it in the J-body class, but backed up my reasoning for it.

As for getting a 10k cheque, i wish i had gotten that much, and if I had, i wouldnt be driving what I am. I had to buy my own car. Unlike 9/10 people I went to school with, or see driving on my city streets with "tuned" cars. And when I meant the cars are "tuned" i meant anything built within the last HALF-DECADE, and tuned. I'm sorry that I didn't spend two hours writing you an essay on why I don't feel its ignorant to lump those cars as "ricer" cars. Would you like me to do that? Spend a little bit of my time to give you a piece of my mind? Do you also want me to hold your hand when you cross the street?

Anyways, as for you being an prick, about the j-body issue, you can take it and shove it buddy. and as for you saying that i am ignorant because I do not like(show me where I said hate, retard) people who "tune"(ie: pay someone to do all their work) their cars into "rice-mode"(ie: rims, bodykits, stereo, underglow, fart cans and decals), thats really damned ignorant of YOU.

I am sorry if my pride in doing my own repair work upsets you. If I had a vehicle that was worth dressing up a bit, I'd do the work myself too. Hell, I am looking at taking on a '47 dodge truck as of right now. So when I see a car that someone has "tuned", with mommy and daddys money, and they have no idea of value, it irks me. Call that ignorance if you wish(and I know you will, because your a prick who doesnt know who I am), but I would rather call it self-pride, in knowing that I have something that I value, because I put the hours in to buy my car and maintain my car.

Now have your little turn at the microphone, so I can slam you yet again.

posted by  dodgerforlife

I dont like them ricers either.

posted by  Oomba

Since you know you screwed up, why bitch about someone pointing out you screwed up?

That's the issue, and why I went off on you. Your whining about it afterwards proves your closed minded immaturity. And your threat t keep it up reinforces that image. is that such a valuabnle goal for you? To be a whiny bitch?

That doesn't make every J body or Civic one of those ricers. Since you're too ****ing closed minded to SEE that, THAT makes you look ignorant. I only asked if you WANTED to look ignorant by making that statment, not that you WERE ignorant. But since you went off on me, you must BE an ignroant POS! NOW I'm f*cking pissed.

And HE didn't ASK about your opinion on the entire sport compact car class, either, assclown. Just J bodies, whether YOU feel like they are all the same or not. End of discussion.

But no, you want to go and be a little shit and argue. Ok, you know f*cking everything, and since at your age you know enough to form unassailable opinions and argue, then get the **** out. You can't learn anything here (or won't) and have nothing factual to offer as information (since your "information" is already mistaken). And when your mistake is pointed out, you just whine like a little bitch, and that seems to be a defendable goal? Fine. Be a little bitch. It's apparently the only thing you're knowledgeable in.

posted by  ChrisV

I own a cavalier, and I would never consider a civic and a cavalier in the same class. I absolutely dispise civics and i beat them in races any chance i get. But back to the original question, You can pick up a newer cavalier(2000 or higher) from prices ranging from $2000 to $8000. If you are a ponitac fan get a sunfire, most newer ones come with the 2.4L ecotec engine. Which is a very nice engine. The cost is about the same to a cavalier. If you can afford it go to a ponitac dealer and pick up a brand new one. They sell new for just over $8000. Hope that helps you.

posted by  Pwright23

explain to me how that isnt contradicting yourself...

if you're not gonna spend the time to differentiate between one thing and another in order to make your argument, then why bother with the argument in the first place? no one is asking for an essay, just simply, and clearly, stating your opinion.

yea, good job making me look like the prick, i dont remember throwing around any immature namecalling.

and yea, i said not liking (or hating, whichever) ricers makes you ignorant... oh wait, no i didnt. its the fact that you came off as writing off a whole section of cars simply because of ricers that makes you look ignorant.

like i said, my car has no mods. partly because thats just not me, and partly because my car isnt even worth the trouble (to me, atleast).

if i were ever to "tune" (not rice), a car, i wouldnt do it myself. i'd (at first) get someone with experience to help me, so i dont screw it up.

my life goal is not to be a tuner, nor is that even a minor goal of mine. but then im not going to put that 10k into tuning a car (like that girl you made an example of). its going to go into buying a car that i see as "enough" as-is.

and about that girl, i can completely understand how that ticks you off. but dont overgeneralize. thats ignornance.

hopefully i made my position more clear. maybe you can see i even agree with you on a few points. dont let your pride hide that.

and make sure you know the difference between pride and elitism. (not that you dont, because as you said, i dont even know you)

posted by  pik_d

A couple things i see wrong here.

2) Whether or not you like Pontiac over Chevy or not, getting one over the other just doesnt make sense. They are the same car, 99% through.

3) Brans new Cavvys/Sunfires start at 10k.

posted by  Oomba

they'll do almost anything to sell you one, though... :laughing: :thumbs:

my friend bought one a while back, and when he walked in, he had no intention of buying a new car. somehow it worked out to be cheaper than a used one. something in the financing... they're sneaky like that... :evil:

posted by  dodger65

oomba, might wanna fix those numbers. :hi:

i was gonna go and compare the power of the cavalier and civic, but i see you removed that point anyways.

posted by  pik_d

I used to sell cars. In fact I worked at a ponitac dealership, and we sold them brand new for $8000, after tax and licensing it comes out to about 10000. Also the only difference between the two cars is the body. The suspension and undercarage is exactly the same. So, I would be careful about what you say unless you have all the facts.

posted by  Pwright23

Alright alright alright, I can see we have some people who are pretty pissed with me, and feel that they have to trash everything I say. So let me make this clear once and for all.

I admitted I screwed up in calling the civic a j-body car. GET OVER IT. If you haven't noticed by now, I do not drive import cars, so therefore, do not care about what body designation Honda has given the Civic(which still has not been made clear to me in this whole thread...)

As for the funtastic flame war for me being ignorant, how many explanations do I have to give. I said specifically in MY city, that the cars HERE, are all "TUNED". I also specifically stated that it irks me to know that they did NOT do any of the work themselves, but paid someone else to do it, yet they call themselves "tuners". If I have pissed any of you off, and you feel that I am stereotyping every single person out there driving one of my three "ricer" cars, then I am sorry, because I did not intend to do that. In some of my posts, yes, I know I omitted some statements that probably could have stopped this a long time ago.

BUT! I am not completly without fault in this. Chris, step up to the plate and take some responsibility for the original jab.

I was upset with your comment about the "close minded bullshit", I have since explained why I grouped the Civics in the J-Body class, and said I screwed up. Now its your turn to own up...

As for you pik_d, you have come out with some interesting statements, and put some words into my mouth. Such as:

I am NOT writing off the cars themselves. I am writing off the RICERS. Show me where I said that I am writing off the cars. I said that "all three of them look close to the same, and that all three are riceroni". In that, I mean that there is not a huge distinction between the three cars, anything that makes them stand out from one another(yes, I know there ARE differences, but nothing that makes them stand out to me), and that all three are often "riced-out". Never anything about me hating the cars, just not liking the so-called "tuners" who "rice" them out. And I seem to have a HUGE abundance of those in my city.

So please retract that statement.

one more I didn't really like too much, and I have explained why... In my area of the city, and with the abudance of these vehicles running around, and knowing several of them being done with someone elses money and time, is why I don't like tuners in my city. Now, you pick up any import tuner or compact tuner, and see cars where people envisioned a design, and worked towards that, even if shops did most of the work(hell, I'll admit it, there is no way I am going to drop my vehicle, or do a paintjob/bodykit), but still devoted time to the end goal, thats cool with me. I appreciate their work.
I'm not upset with you for that statement, I understand where your coming from with that, hopefully you now see why I said the things I did.

Maybe sometime, someone will say something that everyone understands, and this kinda sh*t won't happen.

To ChrisV, I apologize for lacing into you, but next time, ask for a further explanation before you let loose some comment, I will be more then happy to give you my thoughts. What I mean is, next time someone asks me why I say something is "so", and I respond, and you don't like it, ask for a further explanation...

To pik_D, I apologize also for lacing into you, I think our argument was more a misunderstanding, and some omissions on my behalf that led to it. Just please be more understanding that in the world of import cars, I am kind of lost. Now put me back into Dodgeland(lol) and I will probably not screw up like that.

If I missed anything(and I am sure I did, as it is late at night, and I've been up a long time), just ask me to clarify.

posted by  dodgerforlife

I don't know about in your state but in mine they have public auctions at the local wrecking yards for abandoned vehicles. You have to be choosey but if you know how to check over a car you may luck out and be able to drive home in it. Most of the auctions here have numerous cars each month ranging in price from $20 to a couple of thousand depending on how the bidding goes.

posted by  staceymommy

dodgerforlife, all i said in that quote is thats how it SEEMED, not that you were.

glad this is all cleared up, but as you said, leaving out [key] sentences can cause a misunderstanding like what we had.

sorry for anything that may have come across as harsh, or putting words in your mouth.

posted by  pik_d

I would like to see a response from ChrisV to dodgerforlife's response, it is very entertaining.

posted by  Pythias

Dodgeforlife: WOW!

NOT everyone cares/can afford/knows how to install performance parts to make their car quick. Some go for looks, some go for speed, and then theres some that do both or don't do jack squat. What makes you so damn ignorant is that you're disrespectful.

Zodi the Ricer

MY rice:
99 Stratus
96 Cirrus

posted by  DodgeThis

hate to tell ya, but that's not really what i think about when i think of rice. that's actually somewhat tasteful...

posted by  dodger65

The 99 Strat is mostly stock (it does have some minor mods but nothing exciting, had to remove the custom short ram intake mani and 60mm jeep t/b to pass emissions... will only put it back on IF i turbo charge it) So in most people's eyes it's rice... The way I look at it it's my car I paid for it with my own money and I will do what I please with it - it's only for my pleasure :)

The 96 Cirrus is just insane :) But nonetheless thank you for the pleasant comment.

I do have other cars that are just stock...

As for the original question about J-bodies I don't want to rain on anyone's parade but from my personal experience I wouldn't buy a used GM (had a cavalier and a grand am).

posted by  DodgeThis

Both of your cars are automatic arent they

posted by  TurboLag

WOW! A Introductory Flame Post!

Didn't anyone notice that this thread was three weeks old before Turbolag decided to post?... I wouldn't be posting if it wasn't for DodgeThis.

As for you, DodgeThis, I didn't talk specifically about performance mods on a car. I was referring to "rice" cars, which means rims, bodykit, spoilers, fart can exhaust, decals, glow, stereos.

I did end up explaining why I dislike "tuners" and hate "ricers", but appreciate some of the tuners. It has to do with all the cars I've seen in my city. I guess I need to clarify it a little more for you.

I dislike certain 'tuners' and 'ricers' from personal experience, I went to school with a lot of them. What I really mean is that when someone takes a brand new Civic Hatchback, and gets new rims, and a bodykit, and a stereo installed(and eventually underglow), and says that their life goal is to be a "car tuner", it chokes me. First off, their car looked like crap, secondly, the side skirts were ripped off the car the second week they drove it, thanks to the condition of the streets in my city. It was a pointless waste of money. Or when someone else puts "NOS" and "Sparco" stickers all over their car, when they don't even have the gear to back up the adverts? Those are two prime examples of "tuned ricer" cars in my city, and a lot more follow that pattern.

I have YET to see a car in my city either LOOK good, or PERFORM well. I already stated that when I pick up a copy of Compact Tuner, or Import Tuner, I can admire those cars, even if they appear to be "ricier" then some of the cars in my city. You know why? Because they actually look good, and these people put real hours with a wrench into their car. I don't think of that as being ignorant, rather as seeing that someone has pride in doing their own work. Yes, yes, yes, I realize you said some people don't know how to do all of it, and that is fine. As long as they don't get stupid about what happens to their car.

To sum it up, I am disrespectful. But only where applicable. You can't tell me that when you look at someones shitbox of a car that seems to be held together by decals of performance parts companies, and has nothing to back it up, that you do not feel some sort of disdain for that person.

And I'm also disrespectful to people who I feel do not deserve my respect, and you, with that lovely first post of yours(considering you managed to ignore the forum rules and not post an introduction thread), do not get my respect.


Disrespectful Dodger.

posted by  dodgerforlife

...Actually it twas I that posted and brought this topic abck to life so I coudl see what ChrisV had to say and get his :2cents: ....

posted by  Pythias

Bah, my bad. Definitely to late at night, and not enough sleep the night before.

posted by  dodgerforlife

Everyone has DIFFERENT goals for their car and it is THEIR choice because it is THEIR car. Also everyone has different abilities and different definitions of the word tuner (and this may come as a surprise to you but not everyone in the world wants to have a performance car). By your definition my 99 Stratus is rice, it's all show and no go. By my definition someone who buys kits and installs them or bolt ons is NOT a tuner either (my personal opinion), how hard is it to take something someone else made and bolt it on (with exceptions, ofcourse)???? But I don't flame on people who do that, I give credit to just about anyone out there who takes pride in their car and takes good care of it. Making them look nice or fast is an added bonus in my opinion no matter how you go about it - whether you do it yourself or have someone else do it. We cant all be good at everything!

And since you hate the "tuner" scene in your city so much I think you should quit whining about it and go to some meets/shows in other cities/states or move out entirely rather than comparing the whole tuner scene to your town. Forgive me if I think that namecalling, which pretty much you started, is disrespectul and immature.

The reason I don't post introductions is because I have nothing to say so I'm not gonna waste anyone's time or space but here it is: My name is Zodi i have... 1 rice car, 1 custom built performance car, and a few other stock jap cars.

I do think my first post was far better than a few of yours in this thread ;)

Turbolag: the 99 Strat is 5spd (came stock that way), the 96 Cirrus is automatic because of traction issues (almost swapped a 5spd in it but instead decided to get autostick).

posted by  DodgeThis

do you understand what his beef is, though? i think i do, b/c the "tuner" scene in my area is much the same: cars w/ enough stickers, bolt-ons, and giant wings w/ fart cans driving around like maniacs b/c the only way they can make their cars seem fast is by locking up the e-brake, constantly over-revving their engines or trying to take a corner at 30mph in the wal-mart parking lot. yet these same people won't even look at you when you pull up to a light... the reason he puts "tuners" in quotes is b/c he's referring to wannabe's. don't get me wrong, i have respect for actual tuners. they are hot-rodders too, by definition. the proportion of actually fast cars to wannabes driving like assholes, and trying to intimidate w/ noise and obnoxoiusness is just way off in my area. it's like 100 wannabes to 2 tuners, and those 100 are giving the 2 a bad rep...

posted by  dodger65

Oh sweet merciful jebus! someone understands me!

Edit: Completly forgot about the hot-rodders for awhile there. Been some time since I've seen them out in my city. Theres a small group(like 4 or 5) of middle-aged men who have classic trucks and cars, that are beautifully restored. They don't do a lot of cruising, they just sit and look pretty, but I know they can drive too... but it's those 4 or 5 against 3 or 4 LARGE groups of idiots.

posted by  dodgerforlife

Okay, fair enough, different people do have different goals for their cars. My goal for ANY stereo I put into a car is for it to sound good, then be loud. Not the other way around, as some other people do it. But hey, if that is what they want, go hard, I can tell them how to get to their goal, and it doesn't bother me.

Did you completly ignore my little story about the "tuner" from my school? The one who stuck on a body kit, got rims and a stereo, and then glow? Those are in NO way performance modifications. So it is not a suprise to me that not everyone wants a performance car. Hell, one of my best friends drives a Lada Niva, and he has done some dressing up(engine rebuild, stereo install, redid the interior) to it. And at that, he did it all himself. That thing is not a performance vehicle by any stretch of imagination, considering it tops out at about 85km/h, and our speed limit on highways around here is 110km/h. I think of him as more of a Tuner then the person from my school.

I never mentioned your Stratus. To be honest, it's a clean car. Doesn't bother me, it actually looks good, and whoever did the job was competent. Doesn't matter that you didn't do it for performance.

My definition of a TRUE tuner is someone who has a vision and idea for their car, and works towards it, not just going slap-happy with decals, or gaudy bolt-on body kits. HMMMMM, seems to me that we have matching definitions. How odd.

Hey, if people have pride in their vehicles and take care of them, thats just fine. See above for the kind of vehicles I dislike. I've said it myself before, there's certain things that I wouldn't do to a car myself, but there is things I would do myself too... so that's fine, whatever.

Oh yeah, I'm just going to hop in my car and haul off to a SoCal meet, or HIN. There is nothing decent within 10 hours driving distance of my city, or in any neighbouring province/state. And move where exactly? I'd like to think I have it pretty easy, being 18, living at home, and going to tech school.

posted by  dodgerforlife

Agreed... and thanks for the nice comment on my ricemobile :thumbs:

posted by  DodgeThis

it doesnt have a 4 foot wing on the back that somehow hid from me does it?

that's about the only thing that could make me trash-talk a dodge lol

posted by  dodgerforlife

there only ricers if you make them that way there not bad

posted by  ferrariman666

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