what cars have been used for cop cars that you know of?

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just wondering

posted by  helghast101

Well lots of cars have been but here the most popular are caprice classics and crown vics, the weirdest police car I have ever seen was a pt cruiser though.

posted by  jarvisx2000

ford taurus? maybe???? oh ya ive seen that pt its crazy... lol

posted by  helghast101

taurus?? well i know we dont have any of those around here, not much of a cop car, I know they use Impalas and i also believe we just got dodge intrepids.

posted by  jarvisx2000

Chevrotet Caprice, Ford Crown Vic, Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Tauruses, Chevrolet Impalas, Dodge Intrepids, Chevrolet Tahoes, Dodge Dakotas, Ford F-150s, and once I may have seen a Ford Explorer with a light bar.

In the past, Plymouth Furys, Ford Mustangs, Dodge Monacos, Some kind of Buick (maybe a Grand National?), and those are all I can think of at the moment.

posted by  hondaman

i agree with hondaman

posted by  google.com

Camaros, Coronets.

posted by  DodgeRida67

I've seen a Chevy Lumina. I've also heard of a Mustang cop car, but where I live, it's all Impalas.

posted by  moostang104314

All crown victioras here.

posted by  Oomba

Falcons and Commodores over here mostly (some with V8's)
Also there was a thing for a while to use WRX's for city cop cars due to better agility in traffic etc. Not sure if it took off. It didn't in Brisbane, but I think Melbourne were talking about it.

posted by  windsonian

crown vics and impalas are the two most common.

intrepids are used in some places..

explorers, caravans, dakotas are the ghosters around here

the rcmp(royal canadian mounted police) uses corvettes as high speed chase cars.

next year...some dept's are getting the new charger as squad cars :thumbs:

posted by  dodgerforlife

Where I live its Ford Crown Vics and Chevy Impalas. The mall cops drive Jeep Grand Cherokees.
.....and I can outrun them all :laughing:

posted by  FordFromHell351

Crown vic
Mustang GT 5.0
Camaro z28 3rd gen and 4th gen
Ford Taurus
all are ones i have seen on road....

posted by  civisi99


gotta be the tuffest police car haahaa

good so thats all i can find
the cooper 's' could do 106mph or bout 170 kays :smoke:

posted by  CAMEL

crown vics and pix of a magnum and the 2006 Charger but not on the streets.

posted by  boothe

around here in CT. i ve seen:

crown vics(most common)
dodge interprid
suburbans(unmarked, tinted)

posted by  Bonniedriver

We now have plain-clothes cops driving hatch-back civics with fart can mufflers...and they try to provoke you to street race....it's really pretty evil. I've heard about the cops driving civics a few years back but didn't believe it...nobody knew anything about it...then I finally witnessed it happen a few weeks ago.

As far as a 106mph mini...I would feel safer jumping out of a plane without a 'chute. :doh:

posted by  Sick88Tbird

Hey guys,
I'm new here and I know I'm in the wrong forum but I just wanted to let you all know of the cop cars that I've seen around my area! I probably won't post again but just wanted to let you guys know what I've seen in my local police force. Their most popular car is the Impala.

Currently in use:
A PT Cruiser
A Mazda 3
Ford F-150

What they had:

I'm sure there might be more but that's what I know of.


posted by  CavalierJed

Why won't you post again, trust me, there is plenty of shit to argue and discuss over :laughing:

posted by  99integra

The day before yesterday I saw a Nissan Frontier with "Sheriff" on the side parked outside the Eureka Jail. I didn't think they used Nissans.

posted by  abless

in the flat saskatchewan highways they had an iroc-z chase car, looked awesome, but here is mostly crown vics and impalas, plymouth caravelle's were also used

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

i've seen a cevy celebrity before LOL :orglaugh:

posted by  onebad302ranger

around here in texas they use crown vics and camaros, but i saw a viper on the internet. And i read in car and driver that lamborghini donated like 6 gallardos or murcielagos (i cant remember which) to the police department in italy

posted by  TurboLag

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