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Hi there peoples. I'm brand new here, just googled a car forum to ask a few questions. I apologize in advance if this goes long-winded or anything of that matter. :thumbs:

I have a 95 Grand Prix SE. Nice car, I enjoy it. 143K miles on it, still running strong. The trans was changed at something like 80K. Recently got remote start on it and just changed the heating core a week or so ago and was pondering something...Should I sell it? My biggest deal with this car is insurance. I'm 17 and have one recorded accident with the police and live in Detroit Michigan. If any of you are familiar with Detroit, you know that means insurance goes up up up. So for this car, the bare-minimum insurance I can get is $150 a month. Not too bad, but if I wanted to get anything more it just gets ridiculous. But not only this, but all I drive is city driving. That gives me a whopping 16 miles to the gallon. Disgusting...I know. And how much to sell it for.

But this leads on to if I do sell it, what kind of car to get. I want a four-door to cut back on insurance. Nothing humongous, but still enough to get by on my insurance. :mrgreen: A nice quick car that'll at LEAST be better than this one on gas & insurance. Preferably V6 or more and American-made. Cheaper parts/less labor that way from how it is here being American. Being an easy mod I don't really care about, nor do I care much about looks so long as it doesn't look like crap.

Thanks for keeping with this read though, any help is appreciated!

posted by  Mavrick

Well your 1994 Grand Prix SE is the bottom of the line model. Its just the base and with 173k on it I wouldnt think you could get anymore than $1,200 out of it. But if you want a really accurate estimate you can go to the NADA website and see.
As for a replacement car you have many choices. If your more a GM guy you could go with a 1990 Buick LeSabre such as this one - 1990 Buick LeSabre Limited ( m=4552816147&rd=1) Or maybe a Chevrolet Lumina like this one - 1997 Chevy Lumina ( m=4553133788&rd=1)
If your a Ford guy (like me) then you could get a Ford Taurus like this one - 1997 Ford Taurus GL ( m=4552477382&rd=1) Or a Ford Escort like this one - 1997 Ford Escort LX ( m=4553441856&rd=1)

I hope this helped you, if you have anymore questions just ask. :thumbs:

posted by  FordFromHell351

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