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87 mustang GT 5.0 5-speed manual
my fuel pump in my mustang cut out when i was driving
when i got home i took it out and hooked a new one up
and it also did not work so i hook a ground tester and found out
that there was not even any power going to it i checked the fuses
and they are all ok so now im stumped.
any ideas would be apreceated thanks

posted by  mustangkevin

Get a quality repair manual if you don't already have one and look at the wiring diagrams. Before you spend anymore money, try resetting the inertia switch, just for shits and giggles...see what happens and get back to me.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

the problem was a dead power wire going to the fuel pump relay
which for some reason is under the driver side seat so i ran a power
wire strait from the battery to the relay and it worked so its all good now.

posted by  mustangkevin

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