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I'm looking at two different Dodge Avengers. Both are really nice. What I'm wandering is, how many miles is too many? I don't wannaa buy a car and then have it crap out on me and have to constantly work on it. One car has 78,200 miles and the other has 89,788. I know this isn't bas on mileage, I just need some other opinions. They are both 98s.

posted by  Pmutch

i suggest you get the one with less milage. granted the body and the engine and all are in good shape. if the other one is in better shape then get it. milage plays a factor in the cars life yes. but if the car is well taken care of then its not that big of a deal. and there is my :2cents:

posted by  frizzal

Honestly, mileage doesnt mean crap. It really depends on how well the car was taken care of.

Say you have 2 cars (I'll use Avengers here). One Avenger is for sale with 57507 miles on it. There's another one for sale with 94616 on it. Now, lets say the one with 57,5xx on it was drivin by a 16 year old kid who thought he was a race car driver (Beat the crap out of it, nuetral drops, etc). The car probably wouldn't last much longer than 60K.

Now lets say the 94,6xx one was drivin by some random old guy who took VERY good care of the car, had the oil changed every 2500 miles, And drove it just to have a car to drive, not trying to show off, make it go fast, or anything like that. The car would probably last you for another 94K if you also took good care of it.

So like I said, Milage really doesn't matter. What matters is how well it was taken care of.

posted by  Satty101

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