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I had the OIl changed about a week ago. Yesterday the car was running sluggish, like only on 4 cylenders. (has 8) After i gained speed it would pick up and run normal. At first i thaught it was a spark plug problem. I look under the hood, and my oil fill cap is gone. I immediatley go get a new on and put it on. The compression is a lot better when idling and running in low gears. But sometimes it is still sluggish. It runs ok at higher speeds... What could be the problem?

I thaught it was bad compresion from not having the cap on, cus when i put my hand over the hole it would idle better and at a higher RPM ...

I also thaught maybe a fuel problem, but it probably wouldnt idle at all, and studder when running due to lack of fuel...

any help? :screwy:

posted by  satyr

well i never hear it "backfire"

it is just sluggish when taking off... then all of a sudden it like, gains all its power again

sometimes when it idles (usually around 900 rpm) it will drop to 6 or 700 and thats when you know the problem is going to happen when taking off into 1st and 2nd gears

posted by  satyr

Run some fuel injector cleaner through it. Also, do a tune up.

posted by  FordFromHell351

Misfiring is where the car feels like it's running lower than the tach is showing, because the spark or fuel isn't getting to the cylinder properly. Backfiring is where the cat converter burns off fuel that doesn't burn in the combustion chamber.

Sounds to me like an accesory problem. Do these problems still go into effect when you have the AC on?

and BTW - I shun you for paying 100 bucks to have your oil changed by 'professionals'

posted by  Godlaus

Just think of it as saving your gas mileage at a stop light or a lower rpm :laughing:

posted by  99integra

I had same problem in a z28 i owned....i went and got my Throttle body and fuel system cleaned and it stopped boggin out like u are talking.....go ahead and try that....it may do the trick :thumbs:

posted by  civisi99

its not an AC problem, it happens all the time. It sounds like it is misfiring. feels lower RPM then it shows. and runs like its half power till i punch it.

I changed the plugs lastnight and nothing changed.

also, im very busy. so i had my oil changed on lunch break. :D normally i do it myself. (never have them do it again)

posted by  satyr

If you're sure it's misfiring, which I don't think is, as mis-firing really goes into effect as rpms climb, then you need to check and clean the 3 components that make the piston head south. Air, fuel, and spark. I'm not sure if the 97 gt was distributor-less or not, but try checking the spark lines for junk on the end, if you;ve got a distributor, unscrew it, and check the rotor and clean out any junk in there. This is going to be the cheapest and fastest way of the three components. Fuel injectors, I've never had to deal with, and I doubt that it's a oxygen problem. Try my suggestions and get back to me.

and BTW - I was serious about the AC, I've seen that cause motors to idle too low and feel like it's mis-firing.

posted by  Godlaus

it does run like crap with the AC on..thats why i "haha"...

ive done all these steps. took it to my brother who works with our uncle as a machanic and he said it is the 02 sensor... its faulty, sometimes it works and soemtimes it doesnt... he 'THINKS' that is what it is anyways

posted by  satyr

Godlaus, you are wrong on many accounts, please stop giving out false information...first off, a misfire doesn't necessarily "go into effect as the rpm climbs". Second, misfiring is NOT "where the car feels like it's running lower than the tach is showing" because even when it's missing the tach will show it. Third, a backfire is NOT "where the cat converter burns off fuel that doesn't burn in the combustion chamber" because it does that all the time anyway...funny I don't hear cars backfiring 8,000-16,000 times per minute. Also, why would cars not equipped with catalytic convertors backfire also? Hmm...shoots that theory down.


As far as your problem...is the SES light on? If it is, it could be a number of things, i.e.-bad wires, collapsed plug(s), a valve cover gasket leak. If there is no SES light, I would lean more toward a possible intake leak...I believe that year GT was equipped with the black plastic intake that was prone to warping and cracking. Get back and let me know what's going on.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

Well, got my ass handed to me. Was trying to help

posted by  Godlaus

Turns out it was simply an o2 sensor that was faulty. Sometimes it would work and other times it wouldnt.

crazy how that little part can **** up your whole cars performance. hehe

thanks for the help guys :smoke:

posted by  satyr

suck ass

posted by  Jay-G

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