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There are so many to choose from now. You have your regualar standard plugs, then you have your Platinums ranging from 1 -4 prongs, then you have your Iridium plugs. I need new plugs for my 95 Cougar that has a 3.8L V6 and want to get some opionions on what the best plugs out there are and who has what in what type of vehicle. I think the main 3 Companies that I have heard of are Autolite, Bosche, and NGK. Ive heard that Autolites Dual Platinums are better than Bosche Platinum 4 and the NGK is the best cuz they have the Iridium plugs. So anyone that has any kind of input on what plugs have worked the best for them please leave a comment

posted by  Biniecki

A standard Autolite spark plug will work fine...if you want something that will last a little longer, go with an Autolite platinum...nothing fancy. Unless you're cougar is a supercharged model...stick with plain jane's seem to like'em. Bosch and NGK both make good plugs, but leave the German and Jappo crap to the Euro and Jappo cars.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

Get some Autolites, its what I use. Stay away from Bosch for domestic cars, they make the engines misfire and run like shit, and I have no idea why, but they only seem to like to work on imports.

posted by  FordFromHell351

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