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Ok guys I need some help. I was replacing spark plugs last night and i got to the last one and it was extreamly tight. I managed to get it out and put a new one in however it wouldnt tighten up so i put it as tight as i could and started the car to see what happened. Their was an immediate backfire noise. I turned the car off to find that the last one that wouldnt tighten up well had been shot out of the plug hole and the hole seems to be stripped now. What can i do to get a spark plug back into the hole and stay like it should

posted by  Biniecki

Man, never force a fastener, sparkplug, whatever into the hole, nut, whatever. If it doesn't go in nicely, then you need to clean up the threads before you continue.

You probably cross threaded the plug when you tried to put it in and as soon as that cylinder tried to compress the pressure blew the plug right out of the hole.

Your next option would be to try to fix the threads or, if they are too far gone, install a helicoil:
a sight, there are others.... (

Make sure you get the right size.

If this doesn't work then your probably looking at a new head.

Be more careful next time. Good luck.

posted by  theman352001

Dont EVER force anything like a sparkplug out the hole. If it is tight and you feel you cant get it out then by all means work it out with a little bit of grease. Then make sure you CLEAN IT GOOD before you put another back in.

As for your problem, you probably just crossthreaded the plug and it wasnt in there correctly. Shine a light down the hole and see if youve stripped it or not, and if you have, then get it re-threaded.

posted by  FordFromHell351

You know, it seems pretty obvious that the threads are stripped. The compression of the cylinder didn't cause the spark plug to un-screw and fly out of the hole. Also the fact that he couldn't tighten the plug is a good indication that he stripped the threads.

You trashed the threads on your head. Take it to a good shop so they can helicoil them (I'm not actually sure you can do that with sparkplugs... but I'm sure there's some other similar fix if helicoil's not an option).

Good luck

posted by  Bino

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