Aftermarket Dual Exhaust for my 94' 3.4li Firebird?

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Within the next few months I am thinking about buying some flowmasters and giving my 94' firebird dual exhaust. I want to but I have heard some people bash it when you do this because supposedly since these cars aren't made for it they tend to fall off or get rickety, does anyone have experiecing with doing this and how the condition is after having it for a few years or so?

posted by  Pythias

I've done more exhaust systems on late model f-bodied cars than I would like to admit to and can tell you that if done by a reputable exhaust shop will come out well and last a long time. Be careful what muffler you decide to go with because some of them can make your car sound like a fart can. I used to have a complete muffler/tailpipe assembly from a '97 Z28 that would've bolted right up....would have been nice to send you a pic of it out of the car. At any rate, it's a simple job that any halfway decent exhaust shop can do...Stay away from "Ravin" mufflers, they sound like crap on the 6-cyl cars and stay away from the "Mac" system for your car...the internal welds are weak and they have a tendency to break up from the inside out.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

Well I was going to buy some kind of flowmasters and do the wide pipe and my friend who works on cars said he could do it in about half an hour.

posted by  Pythias

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