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I currently own a 2003 mustang GT, mint, 7k miles. Basically, I can get a straight up deal for a 2003 caddy CTS, mint, 50k miles. I love my mustang, but I really am stumped. Any suggestions? Anyone have any experience with the CTS? I'm going to take it for the rest of the weekend and try it out, but I'm curious what you think of the possible trade.


posted by  cohibajared

Its whatever you want to do man. If it was me I would keep the Mustang, not just for a few more years, but for life...especially since theyll be worth so much in 30 years if its a GT.

But other than that, another reason to keep the 'Stang is because it has 43,000 less miles. Which means less problems, less things you have to fix, etc. The CTS is I nice car though, however, dosent corner very, but, is pretty tight suspension wise for being a GM car, and it has great power.

posted by  FordFromHell351

On what planet. A '66 V8 Mustang isnt' even worth very much almost 40 years later. You can get one on any street corner for $8K in good running condition.

posted by  Bino

I worked at a caddy dealership, the CTS is a very good car. It handles extremely well and if you put it in sport mode the performance end of the car is great. but i am also a mustang fan. I absolutely love them. if you want a more comfortable ride go with the CTS if you want a more performance ride keep the mustang. hope that helps.

posted by  Pwright23

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