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I changed my transmission fluid yesterdays cuz it was kick shifting a little and was overdue for a change. I changed it and it ran great the first day or i just may not of noticed it. Either way today i noticed something. Whenever i reach 1700 RPMs in any gear the transmission grinds for a while until it gets past that point and then will be fine for awhile before it shifts to the next gear and it only does it when upshifting, downshifting is fine. The fluid level is fine so I'm not sure what is wrong. Ive talked to some people that say it might be air in the system that needs to be bled out but i didnt think you had to bleed a trans. Others think it might be the clutch goin out. Anyone else have an idea of what might be wrong and how to fix the problem. Thanks

posted by  Biniecki

Auto's have no clutches, they have torque converters. It might be that but it also could be a bad pressure valve or bad fluid

posted by  desertsoldier22

where are pressure valves located at and how can i check them

posted by  Biniecki

FYI, automatics do have clutches, just not the same as a stick shift. When they go bad it can cause your tranny to slip.

posted by  onebad302ranger

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