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I might buy this car and I was just wondering what you guys think of it. I should have enough for it in less then a month :heh: , _year=1988&make=CHEV&distance=50&max_price=10000&model=CAM&sort_type=year&a dvcd_on=n&end_year=2005&min_price=&first_record=26&address=02860&search_typ e=used&advanced=n&start_year=1984&=&color=&cardist=4

posted by  Morphias87

Well, I think it looks like an old, red Camaro. Having a 2.8 it'll probably make a good first car because they're slow as hell, but they are fairly dependable. Also it seems around 25% overpriced to me, but they might be worth more up there. On the other hand KBB seems to agree with me to a point.;899517;RI007&02860;spt&277;Ch evrolet;1988%20Camaro&17;CH;D2&

posted by  vwhobo

I think it is a bit over priced. :2cents: 800 to 1000 bucks, your call.

posted by  lectroid

:sleep: :sleep:


posted by  SuperJew

Go to bed son, you have school tomorrow :wink2:

posted by  lectroid

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