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My buddy and I had this great plan at about 9:00pm to make a cold air intake for my '87 Ford Bronco II out of a bunch of leftover piping from his 95 Acura. We had this big plan of puting all these pipes together and running it under the truck. All this extra shit. In finding out where the original air hose went. I found out that it goes right to the front of the truck, behind the grille. It's got a piece of plastic covering it up. All we had to do was take off that little chunk of plastic and I had a hell of a lot more air flow. MORE HORSEPOWER!

I dunno if this is a new thing or I'm talking about last years news, but I thought it was cool, and maybe those kids out there with '80's Bronco IIs and Rangers would enjoy it as well.
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posted by  BlueMeanie

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