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My transmission in my 94' firebird (V6) is fine except for a few things, when i floor it it doesnt shift as soon as it should i have to let off to about 3/4 or 2/4 throttle then if i try to floor it after it shifts it downshifts, I think it is from the clutch not engaging quick enough or somethin. It doesnt grind or anything like that at all, can anybody give me any idea's? Such as what it might be or how much ti would cost to repair it, and having it rebuilt is not an option, ill leave it be if that is the only option.

posted by  Pythias

are you talking about 3rd to 4th gear? b/c if you are, it's that way from the factory. you can buy a part to eliminate that.

posted by  dodger65

Noooooooooo first gear

posted by  Pythias

Ok... clutch? Shifting itself? You're talking about an automatic, right? Ever check the fluid level? And the TV cable could need adjusting (the throttle valve cable from the engine to the transmission).

There ARE clutch packs inside an automatic transmission, but they don't do what a traditional clutch does, and have no bearing on when the tranny shifts.

posted by  ChrisV

yes my friend's step-dad checked it out and said have it professionally checked out because he said he couldn't loosen it which SHOULD fix the problem, and he said since he couldn't loosen it it may be broken somewhere or somethin? that is rpolly what I will eventually have to have done.

posted by  Pythias

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