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Ok, I know enough about cars to get around under the hood and do basic stuff...but I need some advice please. I have an 89 celebrity, and it croaked today. I can still start it, it turns over just fine, but it dies when it idles. I'm not sure if it's the alternator or the starter or a combo of the alternator and battery, the battery being taken out by the alternator. I noticed earlier today that after I ran the air, the car had problems starting and that when I use my turn signal the voltage meter twitches back and forth...Someone suggested that it might be the catalytic converter...and that just sounded weird to me. Any suggestions???

posted by  MechanicsWife

My suggestion is get the frog outta there and then I'll help you :orglaugh:

posted by  99integra

I'm no expert on cars, but it sounds to me like you might be on the right track with replacing the alternator, and a few other things that you might want to check first would be the battery connections and the actual cable to the battery. Another thing to check on would be the voltage regulator if applicable and all the body,frame, and motor grounds you can find. Those would be a few easier things to do that come to mind. Let me know whats up.

posted by  onebad302ranger

hey man i had a 83 that was doing the same thing all i done was put a new altenator in it and it was fine. but just as a back up you should take the battery to the parts store and have it charged to see if its bad. you may need one of those too. so that is my :2cents: .

posted by  frizzal

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