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Could anyone tell me WHY a $13 dollar part, A $13 part called the secondary cruise control deactivation switch is wired in such a way that even after the vehicle is turned off, electricity is still continually sent to the switch.

Does any other car manufacturer, domestic or foreign - do they do it this way?

I know that an inventor came up with the concept in the 40's, that Chrysler had cruise control on several models in 1958, and by 1960 Cadillac had cruise control on all its models.

So it ain't like the technology is new - does any other manufacturer do this?

Why am I asking? Because Ford pickups and Expeditions are lighting peoples houses on fire because of this switch.

So...anyone have a definitive answer?

posted by  Carjones's a bird! it's a plane! nope, it's Totally ppauley! had a better idea...

posted by  dodger65

Peoples houses are getting burned down...anyone got a serious answer?

Ford is getting sued AGAIN in another CLASS ACTION SUIT because of this $13 part... :banghead:

posted by  Carjones

He was talking about a member that would know this so chill bro

posted by  99integra

Nothing new for Ford's, I have had all kinds of electrical recalls on my Fords. Ignition switches, brake switches. The best one or two are, recall on the lug nuts for my Expedition, there was a recall, but there was no fix availible at the time of the recall, or the proper allignment of the front end, if not done correct could cause an accident?

posted by  radioman2003

No, they have another class action suit because their engineers were STUPID!!!

Good news though, there is a fix available now!! (

posted by  logic2

This threads a few months old you should read the dates before posting, and Ford has their own fix free of charge.

posted by  carlos

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