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I want to move my daytime running lights on my Pontiac Sunfire from the head lights to the parking lights. Just want to be a little different from the other sunfires. Any imput on how to do this would be awsome and maybe a stretch, some wire coloring on how to change it. Thanks

posted by  moose

Can you get to the daytime running light (DRL for ease of typing) switch easily? Sorry, I'm not really familiar with the concept, do you have to turn them on, or is it automatic?

It'll probably just involve splicing into the parker wires, and cut the wires out of the DRL switch and connect them up.

posted by  windsonian

it might be more difficult than that, b/c on cars that have the parking lights as drl's they use the bright filament of the turn signals, but are overridden by the signals. so you might need to change modules.

posted by  dodger65

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