1997 Olds Bravada Rear Brake Disc Rotor/Drum removal

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I attempted to remove the rear brake rotors/ drums on my 1997 Olds Bravada, 72 k miles, as they need to be turned down and need new pads. They have never been off before. I tried to remove one of the drums/rotors and had no luck. Rusted stuck I assume. Should they come off without doing anything else, or do you need to loosen the e- brake cable or anything else? I tried WD 40 and a rubber mallet and tried a gear/wheel puller and could not get it to budge. Would heat help? or any other help/secrets would be appreciated.

posted by  hugr20

so are they rotors or drums?

posted by  dodger65

They are rotors with calipers with a small drum brake for the e-brake inside.

posted by  hugr20

like the pic if you try striking around the center of the hub(large opening of the rotor with a hammer and chisel between the stud and center opening this will 90% of the time release the frozen rotor to hub
if the rotor is loose on the hub and is sticking on the park brake then try to back them off the adjuster may be siezed and you may have no choice but to pry or break the rotor off by breaking the mounting pins for the park brake shoes to allow the shoe some give

posted by  osborste

enjoy that, b/c those are a pain in the ass. that drum brake goes most of the way around, so it doesn't have much give to it and it also forms a rust ridge on the inside of the rotor. so yep. what i've found is easiest is, once you have it broken loose, pry on one side of the rotor and tap the side of the "drum" portion of the rotor w/ a 5# sledge...

posted by  dodger65

yea dont be afraid to use force, remember to measure to see if the rotor is usable and watch out those ones are expensive almost as expensive as the rotors with wheel speed sensors in them but thats a whole nother topic.

posted by  Mx3Kid

Thanks for the help, I'm going to try it one more time before I give in and take it in.

posted by  hugr20

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