Such a beautiful day thought Id share some pix of the Road Virus

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You win extra points if you know what the road virus is from.
any way, today was such a nice day i thought id go out and take a few pix of the car... and my little friend.
Theres Slim thinking he gets to go for a ride.
A nice quarter shot of the Fiero.
Nice butt shot
One straight on.
Sara thinks her car is cooler.... I think not.
Uh oh... some ones being gooffy

posted by  TheFieroKid

are you talking about stephen king's "road virus"? as in the road virus heads north? (i don't remember whether that was the story name or not, but i know that was the picture name, and i think it was in "everything's eventual", but i'm not going to dig the book out...) eventual fiero, kid :thumbs:

posted by  dodger65

nice motor mate love the guard dog he is well boss

posted by  BASHER

Yup... thats the name of the story.
I need to do a Top Conversion to make it fit the story better...

posted by  TheFieroKid

Nice car. Does it have the stock engine, or have you done a swap with a 3800 V6 out of a newer GM car? People around here do that with them. Then theyll put a supercharger on it.

posted by  FordFromHell351

Nope its got a 350TPI out of a Trans Am GTA... 250HP/330Ftlb...
quarter mile in 13.12 at 104.2 mph... not a bad little car.

posted by  TheFieroKid

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