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We have a 2003 Doge Grand Caravan Sport and it came with the factory tape player/radio. We are trying to install a cd/radio and are wanting to know how to go about this. We can't figure out how to remove the console. Is this a job that we should have a professional do or is it simple enough for us. Thank you for reading this and for any replys.

posted by  wcsjk

I had a 95... and if its anything like mine you’d have to remove the entire dash, start where the class meets the dash, then move down.
If you have no idea what your doing... I’d suggest having a professional do it... you don’t want to screw up your electoral system... that could be thousands of dollars to fix.

posted by  TheFieroKid

Yea im about 95% sure that u gotta remove the whole dash, its hard to explain where all the bolts are. also do u kno how to wire? lol if u dont this could be a waste of time. if i were u i would just let a pro do it.

posted by  Mx3Kid

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