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I am new to this forum & I hope to get my msg in the right place for the "experts" out there to see..

I have a '91 Linc Town Car w/ 4.6

For several years the lights & displays have "pulsed" while the engine is running.. The pulse rate does NOT vary with engine speed-- I have replaced the battery & alternator (regulator is alternator mounted) several times.. I now have a new alternator & battery & problems still persists..
Using an analog volt meter, the pulses can be seen as slight voltage fluctuations.. A digital meter is too well dampened to see the fluctuations..
I do not know what else can control the voltage surges - I do not suspect it as a varying load caused by some device unless it is a control circuit of some kind.. Turning on A/C or windshiled heaters etc has no effect.
Adding a load to the electrical system does not affect the pulses--though some times it can be more pronounced, but I do not know why..
I see no ryhme or reason to this.. The pulse is very rhytmic not all erratic..

Please help me solve this aggravating problem-- if you know of any device or circuit that affects the voltage level or charging rate (outside of the alternator & regulator) please advise

A personal email is fine-- I hope I can find my way back to this forum to check for a reply

Thanks very much, Jerry

posted by  Jerryhope

well i tell you that is a stumper. one thing to check is that all of your fuses are push in all the way. sometimes when one gets loose it will cause a fluctuation in voltage. and it being steady like that makes me think of it. i had a similar problem in my 2002 chevy cavy. i pushed the fuses in further and that solved it. just a thought. so good luck with that. :2cents:

posted by  frizzal

where did you measure the voltage? start at the battery and work your way forward.

posted by  windsonian

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