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Hey Guys, I have just bought a 1993 Asüna Sunfire.
It's got a Standard 5-speed 1.8L 4 Cylinder. I like to have a little bid more power. Is there some cheap modification I can do to achieve that? Should I maybe thinking of putting in a larger engine? If so, what would fit? It also doesn't have a sunroof. I am thinking of putting in a power sunroof. How much would I have a put into for a sunroof?
How about a Spoiler? I just go the Car, and like to make some minor modification to make it look even better.
I welcome any input.

posted by  aholenstein

For any knowledgable people in the U.S... this car is the same thing as a Geo Storm or an Isuzu Impulse.

posted by  Bino

well man ill tell you...it really depends on what you want out of this car. you can open up the intake by getting rid of the little box with your air filter and putting in a little bit of tubing for a cold air intake. that would boost your hp. if you are going for more of a wow that car is fast an engine swap is a lot of work but can get you more of what you want. a chevy 2.2L 4 banger should fit and there are alot of upgrades for it. now the sun roof that is another animal all together. its alot of body type work. you will need a lot of tools such as an air grinder, mig welder, and such. you can get it done professionaly for rather cheap though. just go to the nearest glass replacment place and they can direct you where you need to go. so it is all what you want to make the car into. i can give you more details if you give me more to work with. :thumbs:

posted by  frizzal

Theres actually kits out to put a sunroof into a car that doesnt have one. Also has step by step instructions and everything you need (minus the tools of course).

posted by  car_crazy89

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