dumb ecu ?

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my car has the check engine light on does anyone know where the ecu is and how to read what code it is throwing. its a 1990 geo prizm

posted by  pile 0 prizm

Its telling you to get a new car

posted by  Oomba

:laughing: Haha! I actually laughed out loud on that one Oomba!

The ECU is under the dash on the drivers side or the passenger side...but usually on the drivers side. Just take it in to the auto parts store, and theyll run a check for you. Has the car been running rough or anything? If not, its probably just some faulty wiring.

posted by  FordFromHell351

thnx for your :2cents:

with my integra i can look at the ecu and see what the problem is
i was just curius if it was the same with the prism.
also if anyone has came across a write-up with the codes

posted by  pile 0 prizm

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