2001 Grand Prix GT. Front end 'POP'

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My mechanic has checked the front end of my GP twice now and can find no trouble what so ever. There is a pop in the front end when accelerating from a stop. It sounds like a bad shock or spring. It began when making right turns and you could hear the 'pop' when the steering wheel was jerked back and forth in a certain position. I thought it was the steering linkage. Now it's happening after a stop and start. It doesn't happen everytime either. I bought the car a year ago and it was fine for the first 8 months. The car is a sweet machine and only has 40 k on it. I would like to keep it, but this is bugging me.

Does anyone have any thoughts?? :banghead:

posted by  Bill Andres

Checked your struts yet?

posted by  FordFromHell351

cv joint(s) going bad?

posted by  onebad302ranger

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