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hey everybody I was wondering if anybody knew of a decently cheap Dual Exhaust for my 94' V6 Firebird. I don't want to spend too much on this, and I was thinking about buying it on ebay. I wouldn't mind something like this guys flowmaster 40 series Flowmaster 40 series exhaust (http://www.cardomain.com/ride/486621/2) . Just wondering what your guy opinion is, just keep in mind I don't want to spend much prolly 150 TOPS.

posted by  Pythias

One thing I would suggest you investigate is, unless the pipes are a really good size, to make sure you get a crossovers just after the final collectors. Your tranny will be the thing that governs how close you can get them.

We are talking twin exhausts not twin exits aren't we?

posted by  Wally

that's not a 40 series. that's an 80 series (a crossflow 40 series) they don't sound too bad. decent idle grumble, but when you hit the gas, everyone will still know it's a 3.4 b/c you can't lose that 60deg v6 cackle... it sounds better than glasspcks on v6's though (had those, too)

installed, you're probably looking at 150-200 bones (the mufflers are about $70-80 off-the-shelf)

posted by  dodger65

nah, he's talking dual outlet. there's no way he's gonna con some muffler shop into attempting to put true duals on a 4th gen for $150...

posted by  dodger65

Exactly, BTW my friend can do it for me for free, so I'm looking at only the price of the Muffler,

posted by  Pythias

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