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I am having a debate with friend of mine that his 1998 buick centry custom doesnt have a v8 northstar engine with 285 horsepower in it. From what i am seen on the net the only place a northstar engine lies in a cadillac, and when i looked up his car all i got was that it has a v6 with 160 horsepower in it. is it possible to fit a v8 in a car that is based on a v6 even? He claims it was bought new with the v8 in it so is it possible that buick made two options for engines that year in that model, one that was a v6 160 hp and one that was a v8 285 hp? all imput would be apreciate. thanx

posted by  centurycustom

All, repeat all '98 Buick Centuries left the factory with a 3.1 liter V6 installed. I don't know the hp rating off the top of my head but 160-200 is a good guess.

Is it possible to install a V8 into a car originally equipped with a V6? Of course it is. I think the question you mean to ask is, can you put a Northstar into a '98 Century. The answer to that is, anything is possible but to accomplish that would take a tremendous amount of fabrication. I doubt anyone has done it.

Finally, please have your friend produce some type of documentation (preferably online) to back up his statement. Better yet, why not just open his hood and take a picture.

posted by  vwhobo

my friend wont take this reply seriously he says that he has no credability so just ot end this argument can someone else give there experinece with cars (background info) and what you know about this topic becasue is is very adimate that the car was bought new from the dealership with a v8 northstar engine with 285 horsepower in it. thank you

posted by  centurycustom

My qualifications, although much more than ample, are not the issue here. Tell your friend to put up or shut up. Take a digital picture of the car with the hood up, showing the engine, and prove me wrong. The only fly in that ointment is you (he) can't.

posted by  vwhobo

If you go here http://autos.msn.com/research/vip/overview.aspx?modelid=288&src=vip it will show you that the only engine option for the Buick Centry for 1998 was a 3.1L V6 160hp

posted by  Car Guy

Hi , I can solve this debate. I work at GM oshawa on the engine line, and can assure you all 98 centuries were equipped with 3.1 litre engines. It was impossible for any other motor to be installed( the only other engine in the plant was the 3.8 litre for the regal, again it could not be switched)

posted by  jtkirk

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