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My 94 firebird has a old Delco CD player, it is so old that it doesn't have controls for bass and fasde but the controls that say like 30k and 115k 60k and stuff like that, I'm sure ti was one of the first cd players delco ever had because of this, recently it has began skipping alot and spitting cds out as well as it doesn't play mp 3's. i jsut started thinking recently about getting a cd player and was looking at my dad's truck's cd player ( 02 chevvy 2500HD silverado) I was wondering if mostly any delco cd players would work/ fit in my firebird, such as maybe a cd player made for a chevy blazer, msotly the same size and look and all but before I buy one on ebay I want to make sure is is compatible with my firebird, I am assuming it is though because it is Delco and all.

Btw I have thought about an aftermartket cd player, but I sorta like the look of these because they look stock and look like they came with/ go with the car.

posted by  Pythias

Hmmm...Im pretty sure they might. But if they dont, then I would look into a chaper Alpine, or Pioneer.

posted by  FordFromHell351

yeah I jsut don't want to buy one, (prolly off ebay) and have it not possibly work for some unknown reason that would suck lol.

posted by  Pythias

There are cheaper Jensens that you can buy off the internet or a Best Buy. Sometimes they go for around $89.99-109.99.

posted by  FordFromHell351

the lower end alpines and pioneers go for about 150$....definitely worth the money spent.

as for fit, you can get what's called a deck adaptor kit - basically a faceplate for the dash so the smaller deck fits in. as for wiring, harness adaptors are the way to go. Unless of course some meathead before you cut the stock harness off and then wired it in....and you have to fix it....then it takes an extra....ohhh..15 minutes to get it right.

posted by  dodgerforlife

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