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Related to this ( erthread=y) thread. Please review previous thread to help you give a more precise guestimate. Sorry for the lengthy reading.

Its a body control module. Does anyone know how much a repair book would cost to see if I could repair it myself? I did find a used Body Control Module at a place but this car repair place says that they will not put in a used part. Should I try a different place that would? Worth it? Just eat the $550 and have the stuff working? What are your thoughts? I'm a poor college student. I called around to local places and I can get a used BCM for like $35 and they say it just plugs in.

Please keep your domestic car comments to yourself, I plan on selling the car when I get back home and buying a foreign car.

I was told that I needed to look under the steering wheel panel for this silver or black box and the only box that I see is the "Bulldock Security" which I believe is for my remote start. Does the remote start replace the body control module?

Thanks for reading as always,

P.S. Forget about the recall information on the link above. Turns out the car clinic was wrong.

posted by  stuman19

A book for your car should only cost about $20 or so. Are you sure it's the BCM because sometimes there are underlying problems that make the BCM look like it is the problem when it actually isn't.

But for $55 (book and new BCM) it may be worth it for you to give it a try. The book is good to have no matter what you decide to do. The BCM is easy to replace once you get to it. (just unplug the harness from the old one and plug it into the new one) They hide those things in some strange places though. Not sure where yours is located.

Not sure if your Bulldock replaced your BCM or not. I would tend to think that it didn't though.

posted by  theman352001

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