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Hi gang,

I have a 08/2002 Ford Escape that has a 3" diameter paint delamination on the roof of the car. All other paint is immaculant (sp)
Anyway, I have 51K on the odometer paint is only covered 3/36 factory waranty.
I have the Premium CARE plan that does not cover paint.

Any thoughts,or comments?


Tom McBride
Long Beach, CA.

posted by  tommcbride

You may want to take it to a dealership to see if they will take care of it. Paint shouldn't be coming off that early and these problems are sometimes taken care of by the OEM even after warranty in order to keep the customer happy.

You could also check around to see if this is a common problem with the Fords built around the same time. They may already have a policy in place about it.

Good luck.

posted by  theman352001

Thank you...I'll do that!~ It's gonna be FUN :banghead:

posted by  tommcbride

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