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For all who missed the smack-off, full version

War 7.86 second Integras, 2,350Hp Supra's- Honda 4 doors-Cloth interior's-
NOS with a turbo and a 1.2L go-ped engine. white rice, dog shish-ka-bobs-carbon fiber- plastic wings- Type R red stickers- egg rolls you do rike egg rolls no? me ruv egg roll long time. Civics with bondo- 14 inch rims- inline -4 cylinder lawnmower engines, Jackie Chan movies and telling someone who has a better ride there 12. thinking i'm a 12 year old with a mid life crisis, making up your mind, straw triangle hats, standing knee deep in a rice swamp, handing out little packets of black,orange or yellow sauce. Free delivery by a Bruce Lee rook-a-rike in a 1983 Toyota Corolla, firecrackers, getting your rottery numbers from a stale cookie so you can split the winnings with 6 other food stamp collectors and try to get a hot ride. Good ruck -you can't smack rike me-OUT

posted by  C4Power

yeah rice is so gay that's why GM,Dodge,Ford,and Pontiac are all producing sport compacts now. i.e. the sunfire,cobalt,ZX3 focus and SRT-4 Neon :fu:

posted by  bigplans10

Dude, all you did was show how arrogant an insecure you are. A couple underexposed pictures of a chromed Tuned Port injection manifold don't stop you from being a small... minded asshat.

posted by  ChrisV

I think he actually wants to be part of the ricer crowd. He knows all about them and even talks like them. C4 man, just trade that bad boy in for a Honda and you can live the dream. Stop trying to fool yourself any longer......

posted by  theman352001

I dunno but maybe he does own the car or he knows of one cause he seems too stupid to know how to photoshop or use Google (as you can tell by his posts).

posted by  car_crazy89

Sunfire... lets nto even go there, cobalt all I gotta say is a supercharged 4cyc making only 250 horses ( my friend racesd one in his 1996 V6 Monte Carlo front wheel drive and kept up with him ) umm ZX3 not sure about this but all the past focuses have been shit. SRT-4 neon, theres some decent power, turbocharged, sounds decent for a 4 banger. So out of all these cars theres about... mhmmm ONE that is decent/ competitive? OK you really proved a point, too bad it was a stupid one.

BTW... Chrisv is still my idol.

posted by  Pythias

Umm...he was disagreeing with C4...

His point was that America produces many cars that also might be turned into rice rockets. :thumbs:

posted by  hondaman

And what about those SRT-4's hmmmm and not everyone goes all out on imorts either. It's mainly the kids that seen fast and the furious that think they can live that lifestyle.

posted by  Spanky2324

it think that it's just a fad right now that will die out and just like the true muscle car enthusiast those who really know the ins and out of imports will stick with it

posted by  airmanUSN

i didn't mean it as any of the cars listed were good or bad just that the "rice" trend is starting to influence domestic producers that are getting out sold by civic and celicas

Also my idea of rice and C4's idea of rice is two different things. rice to me is a 85 civic four door with dual exhaust and spinning hub caps, his idea is any moddified import

posted by  bigplans10

:clap: Bravo the real enthusiasts will stick with it even when the fad fades away.

posted by  Spanky2324

The way you say it rice is so gay thats why they are manufacturing it looks like your arguin car companys are makin it and its not gay.

posted by  Pythias

Since there are two of these threads...I'm closing this one.

posted by  BavarianWheels

he was just trying to be smart with this jerk. go read the American Style thread in the asian forum

posted by  airmanUSN

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