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Hi. I am looking to get a new used car. I want to sell my talon and find a 1995 or newer mustang. However i live in new york and get quite a bit of snow. So i am wondering if the rwd will be drive able in the winter because i cant afford to get a mustang and keep my talon.

posted by  farmboy108

as long as you have some good throttle control with your foot, a set of chains, and dont speed in the snow you shouldnt have many problems. it mostly comes down to what you want more. anything can be driven in the snow some types of cars just take different techniques

posted by  72firebird

Just get a set of good snow tires for the winter (like Blizzaks) and don't give it so much gas. RWD isn't a problem. Many of us drove RWD cars in the winter for decades before FWD became prevalent.

posted by  ChrisV

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