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I was offered a car today

1998 Dodge Neon Sport AUTO 80k miles 4-door $2,500

I just cant seem to find a dodge neon Sport anywhere else on automatic?

and what else was included in the sport package for that year if anyone knows please tell me

posted by  6000LE

from what i know, the sport has all the r/t stuff except for the struts...

posted by  dodger65

I have no idea what the R/T has either

posted by  6000LE

mostly alloy wheels, dohc motor, etc. you'd probably have to look it all up. i bought my ex-wife a 99 sport new, and it was a fun little car. i looked your car up on, and it looks like you're getting a pretty good deal... :thumbs:

posted by  dodger65

ok all i wanted was the DOHC
that tihng has 150 horsepower and 133 torque
i can go and beat my friedns in their civics, altimas, and bikes
but 150 aint bad for a dodge neon
i think the cars are strongly underrated

posted by  6000LE

^^ They are. They are good little cars, easily moddable. The only problem with that one is the automatic. I would keep it in consideration though.

posted by  hondaman

They are NOT good cars. I lived with a guy for two years that owned a '98 (as I recall) Neon R/T, that thing was a total POS. He bought it with 60K miles and I could just about set my watch by how often we were taking it to the dealership. Every two weeks it would need something. Shift linkage, motor mounts, new bearing in transaxle, new transaxle, ball joints, suspension bushings... it was a long list. That car was in great shape when purchased (from some old guy). I saw how he drove it... and he drove it no harder than I drive any of my vehicles. Total low quality throw-away car.

posted by  Bino

i think it differs by the individual car, personally. my friend's mom had a '95 sohc, and had nothing but trouble w/ it. my ex-wife still has that '99 and has had no problems yet (much to my chagrin) :banghead:

posted by  dodger65

look for the hood bulge...

posted by  dodger65

Some of the things you listed wrong with your friend's neon are just maintenance and are bound to go bad at some point, I've had some of these things replaced but I don't call it "breaking & fixing" my car. Most things wear out at some point, I know guys with 200k+ on their neons and going but they take care of the car and do maintenance when required. All cars have lemons but I personally think the neons are pretty good cars and can take a beating.

If you get the automatic and want a 5spd, it's not that hard to swap out the tranny. :thumbs:

posted by  DodgeThis

well in my experiance which is little, i have found neons can go both way's ive seen 96 era neons that were in the shop every week for all kinds of stuff, rear main seal leaks, horrible wiring, etc etc, but i would say they are still good cars if you maintain em and plan for at least a thousand bucks a year on maintenace, that doesn't include gas,insurance or regular oil changes, other than that parts are fairly cheap and is maintained properly those cars will outlast thier throw away deadline which is probably about 200,000kms, you really gotta understand they dont make cars like they used to, they arent meant to go 500,000km's like the old galaxies or fairlanes or f250 trucks these days youll be lucky to get 500,000kmss out of anything!

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

I drove the piss out of a Chevy pickup for 165K miles and never had to replace any of that stuff. A 70K mile economy car should require oil changes... yeah that's about it. I've never met a person who owned a Neon who would purchase another one. I mean seriously... new transmission and motor mounts before it reached 75K miles... maintenance items my ass.

On a side note... the R/T was quite fun to drive... minus it breaking all the time.

posted by  Bino

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