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I want to learn how to drift. So if anyone can tell me where to go to learn or even give me some pointers on drifting that would be great thanks.

posted by  Pwright23


1. drive a fast as you can into a corner.

2. when you reach the corner rip the handbrake/e-brake

3. slide around the corner and try and get as close to the wall as possible......

I'm joking ofcourse, how old are you man?

I was expecting more from a thread with Drifting as the title. :ohcrap:

posted by  GreekWarrior

just expirement. like start on a dirt road or something like that, then move on to a paved road. or goto a empty big parking lot............those would be my only guesses tho.

posted by  mustangmann

yea find some empty roads and just experiment and learn how stearing effects the car as you start to loose traction. the whole point is to loose traction but still keep in control of the car and its movements. even if your car doesnt have an e brake you can do it by just cuting the wheel sharply so you lose traction around the corner.

posted by  72firebird

Of course all this depends on what car you have. FWD is much different to drift of course than RWD. And I would try this in a big empty parking lot. If you try it on a road there is a much greater chance of losing control and causing great damage to yourself, along with your car.

posted by  hondaman

lol yea like sliding around a corner and going sideways down the street infront of a car. and if its a parking lot try to find one with the least amount of poles and what not. dont want to go sliding into a light pole

posted by  72firebird

Ahh, dirt road drifting! My favorite!

Most of the time Im in my CRX is spent sideways on a dirt road somewhere. And because of the fact that New Mexico is a giant plate of dust and sand there is a plethora of wide abandoned dirt roads awaiting my arrival.

What I would suggest you do is practice doing some normal drifts on dirt roads, try transferring the weight around with your normal brake before you use the ebrake. Once you get a hang of how your car will react to an oversteering situation, go find a giant empty parking lot in the boonies somewhere so you don't have to worry about cars, light polls or cops. Take a cone or a hat or something that you can use as a point of refrence, then practice simple procedures first.

First try doing a simple 180. start heading towards your point of refrence, pointing your dricver side headlight at it the whole time.then jerk your steering wheel in (towards the cone...If your in a LHD vehicle it will be left) and pull the ebrake. try to keep your headlight facing the cone as you swing around it. You should stop facing the exact opposite direction you were when you wre hauling towards the cone, and your driver side headlight should be pointed at the cone.

This will take some time to get right, you will have to adjust how hard you steer, how fast and hard you pull the ebrake, and how long you keep it up.

Once you learn how to do this it will mean that you have learned how to keep the car pointed in the direction you want it to be pointed in even with no grip whatsoever.

Once you have done that, now setup the cone again and try a 90 degree turn, set up your little cone again, and this time, swing your car so youll be facing perpindicular to where you were coming from...now for the hard part, keep your car driving so that once your at 90 degrees, you drive of and just made a perfect 90 degree turn.

Good luck and have fun man!

posted by  Zalight

By the way? what type of car do you have?

posted by  Zalight

Seeing some of his older posts it could be a Cavalier.

posted by  car_crazy89

personaly i think its funner with a rwd car. especialy one that isnt known for its cornering capabilities. like muscle cars. theyre handling isnt the best but its so easy to lose traction.

posted by  72firebird

Exactly i know what you mean i made the mistake of drifting my old car in the rain in a sams club parking lot and BAMM right into a pole :cussing: :banghead: but it was my own fault it is still drivable though i was just furious with myself

posted by  mx3_monster

My car is a 2002 Chevy Cavalier 2.2L. FWD of course.

posted by  Pwright23

If you are in a situation like rain where you have traction but you can lose it, try a feint drift. Get on the gas so that the car's weight is balanced backwards, then let off as you turn the wheel. Keep trying these in succession back and forth down the (empty, abadoned, wide open, copless) street. Gas forward, let off and left, gas, let off and right, gas, let off and left. I haven't actually tried this in a FWD but make sure your front tires are hooking up and not spinning so you get the actual weight transfer. You are lightening your rear end to let it slide out. If you get worried just give it a little gas to have the front end pull you out of any unwanted sliding. If it doesn't work try different speeds. I drive a RWD sedan and love getting sideways, especially in the snow. GL :thumbs:

posted by  VG30DE

Go to driftday or watch the Drift Bible.

posted by  fudge

Dirt is a LOT of fun. Just gun it and turn the wheel the way you want to go, and KEEP on the gas. If you let off the gas (in some situations) you'll spin out and into something...like the edge of a track. Also, I have a link to a SWEET drift video if I can find it for you, i'll post it.

posted by  mahalaleel


It's not the one I had in mind, but there are some sick cars drifting, I'll try and find more.

posted by  mahalaleel

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