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I know i've started a few threads on this and have done nothing since but i am seriously trying to make some sort of plans on what i want to do. The vehicle in question is a 1979 Chevrolet Silverado and i have been thinking of many different things to do with it.

I will start out by describing it, it is a '79 Silverado (as mentioned above) with a 350 sbc, rebuilt and a .30 over bore. It has a quadra-jet carb (not sure what make/brand). It has an automatic th400 transmission and not sure but think it has posi-trac rear (i'll have to find out)

Well so far i was thinking of finding a wrecked or rotted Chevy truck (4x4) and strip it of the 4x4 parts and put them on my truck (making it a 4x4 of course). I was also thinking since the cab is pretty bad i'll just replace it with a new used one and the box/bed will have to come off to work on/fix it so while i'm at it i thought about sanding and painting the frame (dad painted cars for years and would do it) to see what shape its in and help prevent it from getting worse.

I also want to pull out the engine, clean it up and paint/chrome it and add some minor performance parts (parts would come later). I want a custom type interior (only had plastic panels), like replacing the bench seat with 2 bucket/racing seats, adding custom center console, and some kinda door panels/dash and new steering column.

I would also like to add push style front and rear bumpers along with roll bar on the back. Shave it of any/all trim and paint it gloss black. Add bigger (maybe 35" or 37") tires with chrome American racing style rims. I also want a body/suspension lift (kinda why i want 4wd but will do it even if it stays 2wd). My dad will paint anything that needs to be painted.

I know i'm probably missing something but thats it for now. Please feel free to let me know your thoughts/opinions on any of this stuff or to add what you think might be good or what might be a bad idea to do. Any input would be greatly appreciated, Thanx :thumbs:

Go to post number 5 to see pics of the truck, can and will take more of anywhere needed.

Sorry for the long thread/post.

posted by  car_crazy89

i cant think of anything ur missing,but the truck looks kinda like the truck my dad is putting together now

posted by  ChevyKid502

Well they are kinda popular, this was the last good looking year IMO (with round headlights). I just need to start saving up some money and collecting parts.

posted by  car_crazy89

Don't forget the flowmasters dude!

posted by  hondaman

Well, it sounds like you have a plan laid out for this truck.

One thing though, and I thought of this as I was looking at the pictures...This won't really be much of a resto, its looking more like replacing almost every damn part on that truck! The body is practically completely shot, which means the frame is probably pretty toasted too. Almost all of the suspension/engine are going to be shot, if the truck has been weathered enough for the bed to be eaten away...

Do you have the time, devotion, money, and knowledge to pull this all off? If you think you can, then go for it, because I'm sure after it's done, it will be sweet. But IMHO, you could probably find a better wrecker to start this kind of project with for cheap...

posted by  dodgerforlife

Ya i know what you mean, it does look pretty bad, the main reason the bed is so bad is it had a piece of plywood on the bottom for almost 2 years so water was trapped underneath. The frame is actually pretty good from what i've seen anyways.

I would quickly change my mind if i see its too bad. I dont have the money yet and i dont plan on it being a couple month project or for it being easy. I will be learning as i go and have my dad to help me at times.

The engine should be fine, it turns over but wont start. We think its the starter so thats what i'd start with (running project gives more encouragement). I would rather an older car but this is what i have and i like it (truck was free so any money going in is all it costs).

posted by  car_crazy89

well, based on that - git er done!

I really need to lay out a plan for the 47 dodge I have....

posted by  dodgerforlife

Haha thanx :thumbs:

I dont think you'll have too much trouble making a plan for your truck.

posted by  car_crazy89

youre right, i wont - ground up, frame off, new engine/drivetrain/electrical/interior.

Only problem is finding space for it....the quonset is full of tractors and farm trucks...and the garage is full.....and the shop is full...


posted by  dodgerforlife

Wow, you might actually have more work to do then i do with my plans lol. Sucks about having no space. I have a big driveway and a single car garage (sad part: truck is too high to fit). Your gonna have to keep us updated once you start, sounds interesting.

posted by  car_crazy89

eh, it won't really be THAT much work - the bodys in great shape, but if I'm going to do something like this, I'm going to do it right...

the reason why i'm redoing the engine is because its currently a flat-head six..wanna drop a v8 into it...which in turn means a different transmission and drivetrain. Plus the brakes on it are a bugger - cylinders - update it to disc brakes :). The electrical system is currently 6volt, so I'd be putting it up to 12 :). Really not that much work...

As for room, I do live on a farm, so theres lots of open areas, but I don't want to mess with that - I could always kick the truck out of the shop and do the project in there...

posted by  dodgerforlife

That project sounds pretty sweet. Dont really blame you for the V8 swap, what would you be putting in, 318 or 383? Atleast you have a good platform to start on :thumbs:

posted by  car_crazy89

I'm curious and it wont hurt to ask. The other day my friend told me this guy he knows wants to race me whenever i get the truck finished or finished enough to drive lol.

This guy has a Chevrolet Lumina (90-93 dont know specific year) with a 3.1L engine (so around 135-140 hp) and its all stock. My truck, right now has around 300-350 hp (not sure exactly) and maybe a little more to come. It also weighs over 4,000Lbs, the car only weighs about 2600Lbs lol.

I'm wondering who you guys (and girls) would think would win. They are both automatics and lets say its a 1/4 mile race. I know he'd get alot better start but would i be able to catch up? Let me know what you think, thanx.

posted by  car_crazy89

I'm thinking about a Low Block 400....the bay certainly has the room for it...

Well, you can shave a lot of weight out of a truck....

plus tires/traction affect the start.

Trucks = brake torque - as soon as the tires catch, you'll be at 20+ :)

posted by  dodgerforlife

Oh, i thought you'd maybe be sticking to the Dodge engines, sounds like a plan.

And i've mentioned what i wanna do with the truck so if anything i'll be adding weight lol. I had no idea what a race would be like until she catches (gains traction) lol.

posted by  car_crazy89

dodge did make a 400.. it's the large bore version of the 383...

its a B engine - short block, 4.34" bore, 3.38" stroke... probably get in the range of 360-370hp, considering the 383 stock could push 350.

I quote "The 400 engine was introduced in 1972 in standard and high performance versions."


if you do performance mods to the truck(needs very little to gain alot...) youll whip him.

easiest trick for intake - get a taller filter, then invert the air filter cover when putting it back on...leaves a gap of about an inch....means the filter gets dirtier a hell of a lot faster, but it can also suck back a lot more air.

posted by  dodgerforlife

Oh ya, i remember seeing/hearing about the 400 now, i forgot lol, that would be cool.
And i think i know what you mean about the air filter cover, my dad already has that done lol. I would only wanna do minor things to the engine anyways.

Like this?:

posted by  car_crazy89

carb, wires, plugs, distro...

posted by  dodgerforlife

Out of those, the carb would be the most would it not? Right now its got a quadra-jet, just not sure of the size lol.

posted by  car_crazy89

yes, like in the picture.

carb would most likely cost the most(unless you find a rebuilt one for cheap).

but its bedtime now as i work in 8 hours :( at least its civic holiday and i make 25$ an hour today lol

posted by  dodgerforlife

Haha alright, thanx.

That sucks, having to work (dont understand the holiday lol). Enjoy work, atleast you make more, cya.

posted by  car_crazy89

one more post lol.

civic holiday was invented so that us canadians could have a long weekend in august. thats all its for lol.

posted by  dodgerforlife

Alright thanx, i had no idea what it was for lol. At this age it doesnt matter to me, its summer break anyways, just means some/most stores will be closed lol.

posted by  car_crazy89

damn people on aim wont leave me alone....

any chain store will still be open...only small family owned business wont be open....

posted by  dodgerforlife

Well that proves how well i know this holiday lol. That sucks about AIM, lol just leave, what really can they do.

posted by  car_crazy89

ah i love the girl too much to do that...

posted by  dodgerforlife

Oh its a girl lol, then i dont blame you, i know what you mean lol.

posted by  car_crazy89


posted by  dodgerforlife

:mrgreen: But since you might be here awhile, i'm gonna go lol, see ya later :laughing:

posted by  car_crazy89

night fellow canuckian :sleep:

posted by  dodgerforlife

Haha, G'nite :smoke: :sleep:

posted by  car_crazy89

hey car crazy i dunno if i missed a post but the motor in your truck do you know if it's a 4 bolt main? and what is it a 350?

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

Yes it is a 350 smallblock 4 bolt main, with a .30 over bore. And its connected to a th400 automatic transmission.

posted by  car_crazy89

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