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I tried to have some long tube headers instald in my 01 mustang gt, but the mechanic refuses to do it because he says they will not fit with the engine block. I was told to find some shortys instead but what is the deal with the long tube headers not fitting?

posted by  Carlos Traveria

well im not familiar with your stang but if you buy long tubes for your application, then they should fit but you'll need to get some custom exhaust bends and what not so it all fits proper,i have shorty tube headers on my caprice and it seemed easy to find 45's and other common bends to snake around and clear most parts, if your goin with headers i would highly reccommend thermotec heat wrap, keeps the heat inside the headers, as the exhaust gasses cool down the velocity will slow down so the hotter you keep the inside the better flow you'll get and will keep from further problems arising like melted wiring harnesses, and sparkplug wires.

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

when i bought the headers, i bought the entire exhaust system. the mechanic said they would have to be banged in because there isn't enough space for them. i plan on getting shortys so that they slip right in. i'll also have to run extra pipe to connect the shortys and cats. i just want to know if anyone has dealt with this before and how.

posted by  Carlos Traveria

It all depends on what brand headers you purchased. If you got Flowtech headers, then yes, they require hammer fitting in most cases...cheap quality. With any other brand you should be fine. If they're not Flowtech headers then your mechanic is nothing more than an imbacile and shouldn't be allowed to work on any motorized product. Don't revert to buying shorties if you already have the long tubes and the matching h-pipe.

Are the headers new or used? If you purchased them new, I would check the part number and verify that they are correct for your application before hammering on them or just trading down to shorties. I installed Flowtech full length headers on my car and the pass. side fit well, but the driver's side had to be beat to hell. I'm saving for better quality headers so I don't have to f*ck around and I can make more power.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

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