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My Neighbor has an 89 Camaro with 77,000 miles. At least that's what the speedo says.
The body has only softball size dent. the interior is junk.
The Air conditioner and heater don't work, (hopefully something minor).

He is asking $300.00. Does anyone have any advice for me with this limited amount of data.

Thanks Ringo

posted by  ringo234

Well I might but... I don't have any idea what kind of advice you're looking for and of course you don't say. It seems we're at a standstill.

posted by  vwhobo

OK Should I buy it? Is the 305 a good engine? I know $300.00 is not alot of money, but I don't want to spend alot of money on constant repairs.

I read somewhere that this car has 170 HP. That doesn't seem like very much for a V8 engine.

I guess any thing you can think that might be impoertant to know.


posted by  ringo234

An '89 Camaro in the condition you describe would make a good project car for the money. The 305 with TBI is a good dependable engine, just not very fast, 170 hp and 255 lb/ft of torque being the factory numbers. Being a project car you could run the 305 for now and slide a 350 into it down the road. It's probably an automatic, and the 700R4 is a good trans, except for the weak reverse drum.

The issue of constant repairs isn't something I can specifically address. For $300 you should expect it to need a fair amount of work. Additionally, the fact that it's 13 years old will probably factor into this equation.

posted by  vwhobo

I don't mean to nitpick but I believe that what you meant to say was 'odometer'.

posted by  snoopewite

Do you want this car ? 89 camaro,77000 miles, interior is shit, has a dent the size of a softball. Sounds like a cherry in the ruff. Spend the 300 bucks, and 500 more and you will probably double your investment on resale. I have $300, where's the car ?

posted by  lectroid

Thanks for the resplies

I bought the car tonight. The engine runs great. there is a thumping sound coming for the driver side front. I will have my mechanic check it out soon. It may also need a tune-up and some cosmetic work.

I will post updates.

Thanks Again

posted by  ringo234

not to be mean and i hope you have fun with your new car, You should have a mechanic check it out First before buying.

although did the same thing you did :) bought this Volvo for 500 the first day i saw it. test drove it and brought it home with a bad turbo about 700 dollers later and about 3 weeks lol "i have no experience with working on cars" and replacing the turbo she purrs like a kitten.

posted by  Arthur

dont get the car. If you pay $300.00 for it it will coast another 500.00 to fix the air and all the other stuff

posted by  archangle

LOL..Looks like you're a bit late archangel :banghead:

posted by  Cliffy

hey i know alot about camaros i have an 89 my self i repaired it and it has origannly only 517 miles so no they arent hard to 0repair and yes 300 is a good price so go for it :wink2: :wink2:

posted by  charlie 915

You cant beat a $300.00 rs camaro even if it does have crappy seats and a softball size dent you can fix all that!!! :thumbs:

posted by  toyota

And you'd still only be into it for $800... How's that a bad thing? Apparently it runs and drives for $300. It really dosn't matter how much it costs to fix anything, as from this point, he can make it like he wants without worrying about depreciation or ruining the value by modding it.

Actually, more kids should get into the hobby this way, as they would learn a LOT more about cars in general, and have more pride in what they own. Buy a cheap, running car that needs work...

posted by  ChrisV

wait, wait, wait....Everybody stop and read the date of the first posts...

I dont think this guy needs are advice anymore.

posted by  Zalight

No, but we can still argue the points brought up. Are we all here more to help people with their cars, or to learn/bicker/argue/understand more about cars?

posted by  Godlaus


I just hate thread revivals.

posted by  Zalight

As do I, but there's nothin we can do about it.


i agree with ChrisV, that it's kinda cool to start with a beater and work on it, then work your way up to nicer cars. (imagine my disgust when i found out my friend spent 150 dollars to get a battery replaced in his 01 golf)

posted by  Godlaus

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