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Can Anyone Please Tell Me Where I Can Find The Window Sensor On A 1986 Celebrity Wagon.
My Windows Will No Loner Go Up And Down I Thought It Was The Fuse...but It Wasn't I Don't Have A Manaul And Hace No Idea Where Or If There Is A Sensor And If Not Any Ideas What The Problem Is If Not The Fuse

Thanks Confused In Jersey

posted by  WLYB64

Could be a fuse, could be a switch, motors, wiring etc etc...

if you have more than 1 switch, and if they all went kaput at the same time, then it's not likely to be switch motors or wiring. It's probably the control unit. Not sure where it is, but most likely in under the driver's side dash near your feet would be my guess.

posted by  windsonian

thanks for your info, i really appreciate it

posted by  WLYB64

it could also be the window motor (if it stopped working all at once)

posted by  jg0122

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