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Ok a couple weeks back we had a bad rain storm, some streets were flooded, my 93 plymouth Acclaim was driven throungh a VERY DEEP puddle. Of course the car quit instantly. After pushing it to dryer land, after about three solid minutes of cranking it came back to life. But since then the rad fan and the A/c compressor clutch has not worked. I have checked all the fuses, all are good, i have checked the rad fan relay, it seems good. I took the cover off the relay and manualy "triggered it" and the rad fan and compressor clutch came to life, i tested the relay outside the car and it tests good. The temp sensor is good, and i have checked for fusable links.......they appear good.
Something tells this relay when to switch on and when to switch off.....this something is where the problem lies.....but what is it? The computer? Could that be the problem???? If so where is the computer in this car? Any help would be appreaciated. :screwy:

posted by  itsab67

A similar thing happened to me and my car. The engine got a bit wet, and the radiator fan turned on and would not turn off. Turned out to be a temperature sensor, which unfortunately you said you've already checked. :ohcrap:

posted by  hondaman

No luck so far, it has me very frustrated

posted by  itsab67

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