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What is a headgasket? I just got a neon and it seems that they all have problems with the headgaskets. Something about them leaking. What is a headgasket in the first place.

posted by  6000LE

Headgasket is thin piece of material which is used to seal the head and block as it bolts together-just like a washer. Leaking isn't a good thing and you need to replace it.

posted by  fudge

how much doeas that cost
on average?

posted by  6000LE

Don't know because I never had this problem yet, ring up your local garage for a quote for the work.

It's cheaper to do it yourself but you'll need the tools and a repair manual to take off the head and scrape off the old gasket.

posted by  fudge

A head gasket swap is a pretty big job especially if you arent too sure about how to go about it. If you are going to replace it yourself, it is going to save you some major bucks. Read up on some things on the internet, there are DIY write ups all over the place. It is something that deffinitly needs to be fixed however. A leak between your head and block can lead to major engine problems. Just wondering, does the car start as is now w/ the blone heargasket?

posted by  Masuk

i don't think he has a blown head gasket yet... i think he is just trying to be proactive and learn about head gaskets before he has to change one...

posted by  dodger65

just trying to see what i got myself into. how many hours of work would it take, and how much does the actual piece cost compared to parts and labor. I dont wana destroy my car, so i tihnk i will stick with the pros, but just wana know maybe its not hard.

posted by  6000LE

It can take a day or two if you are a first timer I would say. Make sure you remember where EVERYTHING goes. GL or payup :thumbs: .

posted by  VG30DE

around here head gasket jobs are like $500 - $1000 depends on the car and the motor in the car. if u barely kno what a headgasket is, i would take it to get it done by a pro if i were you :2cents:. and if its got the DOHC... watch out they are known for cracking heads

posted by  Mx3Kid

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