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Ok, everybudsys wat is the best Domestic Car you can buy from 1980 2 1990 for between 5K and 10K, and I want facts to back up your opinions, like you can't say the Mustang GT is the greatest just 'cause u like it. ok, just wondering.

posted by  Slapshot

FIERO w/ V8. Small and light. MR layout. 5 speed. Enough said. I'm serious in saying that I would pick this car for this thread, but it's not anything I would buy, probably.

posted by  VG30DE

well the mustang is one of the best. not because of looks or because i like them. (fox body stangs like that imo are the ugliest gayest cars) but there light, they came with a 302 and there are a lot of parts out there and you can get them to run under 8 secconds 1/4 miles for a reasonably price. all in all its a good car no matter what kind of driving you like. even if it is ugly

posted by  72firebird

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