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I haven't seen many topics on either of these brands. Anyways my friend is looking to buy a used car and wants either a Cadillac Seville (1995 or 96') or a 1995/96' Range rover Discovery. Any thoughts on these cars?

posted by  WuTANG

Two totally different cars but if I had to choose, I'd go w/the Landy

posted by  NISSANSPDR

Don't know about caddy's but I know I wouldn't have a discovery if you paid me! (well if ya paid me I would actually, but ya know what I mean). I find there engines to be unreliable, and there build quality less then adiquite.
But that is just the ones I've come accross. I'd much rather get the HSE. But then they are just as unreliable. But they look good I think at least.

Sorry if this post aint much help? but hey! If no-one said anything except helpfull usefull positive comments, then no-one would ever say anything.

posted by  relicensed

nothin compares to a caddy lol (not all good things) it all depends on what motor is in the caddy prolly a northstar V8, correct me if im wrong :ohcrap: which are packed into the engine capartment and are a bare to work on especialy wiring work

posted by  Mx3Kid

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