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I need ideas on what I can get to make my car awsome. I want proformance parts, but I also what it to look nice and everything. I want this thing to get some speed. I know basicly nothing about cars. All I know is I want it to look cool and go fast. Any help with be greatly appericiated.

posted by  Kyle

Do you like the street or off road look :drool:

posted by  99integra

I like the off road look but I think its gonna be a hard look to pull, heres what my car looks like...

posted by  Kyle

so no brush guards, nerf bars, roll bars?

posted by  99integra

i doubt it, i think it will easier to just go with the street look and i think it will look better like that, but like i said, i know basicly nothing....thats why im here...trying to get help.

posted by  Kyle

Hmm, what is your budget, ever thought of a supercharger? Because that 4.3 liter is ****ing huge

posted by  99integra

i have and i supposed to bet getting one soon, i was having a friend that knows alot about that kinda stuff to look into it and this was yesterday so i should know what he thinks with in the week.

posted by  Kyle

probably has a 4.3 maybe some headers (if they even make them, prob do) and dual exhaust, and a k n filter, are always a good start to gaining a little more hp.

posted by  adamc44

Well the good news is that you have the right car for mods. :mrgreen: Theres lots of things you can do to those cars. Like 99Integra stated, a supercharger would be a nice mod, as well as a higher flowing air intake with some headers, and a good exhaust system.

As for exterior mods, I would start with some good rims and tires. Nothing to gawdy and large, just a nice 18" or so with some BF Goodrich g-Force tires.

Tirerack (http://www.tirerack.com/)
The Tire Rack always has a nice selection of rims and tires. Check out the Zinik Z1 Shogun rims. They would look great on your Blazer.

posted by  SlipKnoT

lol it's an Xtreme. Very low. Very Street. I wouldn't reccomend going too crazy with a hi-boost supercharger or huge wheels/tires because I hear the fuel economy on a 4.3L Blazer sucks. GL :thumbs: .

posted by  VG30DE

You have no idea how bad they are :banghead:

And it would be a mutt :laughing:

posted by  99integra

Thanks for the help. I am prolly just go for the looks, and not so much the power.

posted by  Kyle

Rice it up man! :laughing:

posted by  SlipKnoT

I really think that the Extreme Blazers have lots of potential, so you certainly have plenty you can do. Probly do a supercharger, new exhaust, and go from there. :thumbs:

posted by  StiMan

I'd watch out on supercharging and such. It seems like your vehicle is already supporting Al Quida, haha, stock it already guzzles gas.

Good luck with your mods.

posted by  Jon_K

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