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heard some things about the cougar. some good, some bad. yea it is stylish but is it reliable? give me feedback or experiences with the cougar. thanks

posted by  zach3316

Well, what year are we talking about here? My family has never had any problems with Cougars. We had a 1967 and a 1988. Both were great cars, even though the 67 was a rust bucket, but it would start up every time. Right now I know of a 1991 that has over 300,000 miles on it and still runs great. So, from my experiences, Mercury Cougars are great cars.

posted by  SlipKnoT

From my experience with 98 and cougars, they were all crap.

posted by  Pythias

1997 was the last year of the V8 RWD Cougar. They then switched to the V6 Cougar in 1999 with the new body style. AKA, the 3rd gen Probe

posted by  Oomba

I'm not sure if any of u know anything about the driveshaft. I have an 89 cougar and it's wrecked but driveable. I just fixed the bearings and hub a week or two ago. When I was driving it to work yesterday and today, I heard a clunking sound that sounded like it was coming from the center of the car. The only reason I say it sounded like it came from the center of the car is because I couldn't pinpoint which side it was coming from or if it was from the rear or front. My rear end is messed up and that's the part i just got fixed. Not to mention my axle needs replaced because it is really loose and warped. But it never sounded like this right after i fixed it. It's not grinding but it sounds like when whatever it is spins, it is clunking. I don't think it's anything to do with the stuff I just replaced because it just barely slows down when I go to stop and I noticed when I was sitting in a drive thru the other day in drive, it was making a clunking noise every once in a while. When I would put it in park it would make 1 more noise and then stop. Please help me find out what it is because the only two good mechanics I know, one of which took 3 weeks to fix my car while it sat on a jack stand, and the other isn't sure what it is. I just want to know cuz i can get it replaced but having someone look at it is a problem.


posted by  hotchckbf420

The FWD Cougars were based on the Contour/Mondeo chassis, and were actually pretty good cars. the Duratech 2.5 liter V6 was a strong, reliable engine, and the chassis is very wel sorted 9tehsame one that was used for my SVT Contour).

You better have a really good reason other than "I knew someone with one that broke down once" to say they were all crap...


posted by  ChrisV

As if your rationale is any better, Chris.

I mean, back it up by saying along the lines of

"Strong and reliable, so much so that Ford actually invited the press to come to a photo shoot and try to destroy the block using a sledgehammer, or to rev the stock engine to whatever RPM they wanted, because ford knew that the engine would hold it's own".

All you state is that:

"The engine is Good"
"The engine is Strong"
"The engine is reliable"
"Just like my old car"

And we all know how well the contour worked out for you, but that's just your experience, no different than his.
Oh, and I've noticed a trend in thees "XYZ car is crap" posts. They all say;

My experience....they were all crap...

Hmm....does "my experience" mean that he owned every single one of them?

posted by  Godlaus

Don't have to back it up like that to refute the statement that "all of them are crap." All I have to do is point out ONE example or remind him of common journalistic statments to disprove HIS theroy.

Again, you're being dense. All you have to do to refute a blanket statement of "they are crap" is to prove that even one wan't. Logically, a single one can't be the ONLY example that isn't crap, therefore if one non-crap example exists, then many, many more statistacally exist. Since there are tens of thousands of happy owners, then the statement that "they are crap" is bullshit of the highest order, and no more "backing up" my remarks are necessary.

Which is my point, and why pointing out even one contrary example renders their statement null. PERIOD.

Of course, the real difference is that being intentionally insulting and negative is somehow the more valuable goal to strive for, as it's the ONLY TYPE OF STATEMENT YOU'RE WILLING TO DEFEND!!!

:banghead: :banghead:

posted by  ChrisV

Well my friends sister had one and while driving on the highway with the sunroof up, it somehow simply flew off, not sure how. My other friend's sister had one after her probe 2001 I THINK and at 61k mile the engine blew up. My grandmother had one and the car was simply utter crap.

posted by  Pythias

At the end of my quote did I not say from MY experience with those cars? I meant to erase my previous statement of ALL cars because, for one that is contradicting myself in the same post, which I thought you would have pointed out, and for two, because there is almost no production car that ALL of them were crap, I thought you would see that seeing how the END of my post looked. Guess not.

EDIT: There I edited my post so you could understand it a little better.

Also I don't just have ONE bad experience with a car to make it crap, that is simply retarded, every car has it's fair share of problems, and if, FROM MY EXPERIENCE, I have seen more than what I consider the fair share then I will make my opinion based on that.

posted by  Pythias

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