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Ive read the post earlier about the charger vs. mustang.It ogt into the engines... These are big engines not small 2.5 or 3.5 engines anymore they are over 5 liter engines. Last time I looked at my gas station sighn a gallon of premium fuel costs $3.11 I have to fill up my 3.5 liter ever week and i drive to school and back. thats about 10 miles a day... Now im not talking about the people who own these cars specifically for racing, but if you want to use these cars to actually have it take you places then its gona suck out the money from your pocket. SO how do you not only afford to buy them but to own them. Now the discussion got into cars from 60 70's the gas prices back them were significantly lower than todays. I think unless you are rich there is no point of owning a car liek this. I think that the japaneese that make very small engines like the 1.8 liter with a turbo in it that still has a nice kick is smart for these times. It is affordable for the more regular people who dont just spend 40,000 dollars on a car and then pay around 70 a week filling it up with gas. I dont know waht you guys have to say to this but with the fuel costs now im worried for the big block engines liek hemi not only that im worried for all v-8 engines and muscle cars. If the gas is going to be this much and still going to go up more, well then are these cars like mustangs camaros teh charger corvette are these cars jsut not going to be driven anymore?

posted by  Kris

I'd rather have a nice looking muscle car than a 1.8 liter econobox. Passion overrides budget

posted by  Oomba

What I worry about is how are we going to be able to drive all the great classic cars we surely will be left with when gasoline runs out? I surely hope that somehow an engine conversion or something can be arranged.

posted by  hondaman

Well i think the conversion isint a A+ idea because imagine driving a what it looks like a v-8 mustang but when you open the hood its a v-4. that just wouldent fit and if you put a small engine into a big car then it will not perform enough to be able to do everyday driving. The car frame and weight is sopposed to work with the engine so if you mess with that you will screw up your car unless you knwo what your doing. But as for gas running out it probobly wont happen in our lifetime but if it does then, how will the word function if so many things are ran with fossil fuels. Factories producing electricity run on fuels this isint about cars anymore but about so many things in teh world. Unles they go and drill for oil in the moon or mars or something liek taht we are going to be doomed. THats why the japaneese are laughing at us.

posted by  Kris

Gasoline isnt running out in our lifetime

posted by  Oomba

No but God knows what kind of prices it will reach. :banghead:

posted by  Pythias

lol :clap: , well put!!!

posted by  elchango36

It's not exactly engine size, but power that corralates to gas mileage as I've come to find out. I think one of the biggest things is weight. Take the trailblazer for instance and look at the engines. 4.2 DOHC |6 vs. 5.3 OHV V8. Fuel economy is almost identical. Peak power is close but the torque curves are way different (DOHC is peakier than the flatter OHV). It is all about how much power you use am I right? Like if two cars with the same everything except engines (engine weight being negligible) were both accelerating briskly at the exact same rate, wouldn't they be using the same amount of fuel because the V6 would be working less hard than the |4? So if you have a hemi car, stay out of the gas and cruise on 4 cylinders :thumbs: , most of the time :hi: .

posted by  VG30DE

First off, the 'Stang only has a 4.6L engine...the Hemi is a 5.7 until the 425hp 6.1L version arrives next year. The hemi will be able to achieve approximately 20-22mpg if you can keep from competing in the "stoplight drags". The 'Stang easily achieves 22+ mpg with it's highly efficient 3 valves per cylinder and CMRC system. Granted these aren't stellar fuel economy numbers by todays standards, it's rather proportional to the musclecar days. Sure, gas was cheaper by leaps and bounds, but guess what, you were lucky to get 7+mpg in a fully optioned big block muscle car...especially with the short gear packages and no overdrive. As far as running out of crude oil...or losing a major supplier for that matter...I wouldn't be too concerned, the auto manufacturers are working on zero emissions hydrogen powered cars. There is always Ethanol and Methanol too...wood grain and corn alcohol.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

Worried about the Hemis? If you like cars enough to fork up that much cash for a Hemi car (new or classic) you probably like cars enough to spend an extra $20 on gas per week. I'm getting around 17-18 MPG city in my 00 Camaro that I drive daily. Even if gas hits $4 a gallon I will continue to drive it daily, and I will still go out "cruisin" in it. Owning a nice car becomes a hobby, and every hobby costs $. And as for gas prices: "What goes up must come down". Summer is almost over and people will be traveling less. Even after the oil embargo, gas prices eventually plummeted. :2cents:

posted by  giant016

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