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i recently purchased a 96' chevy S10 2wheel drive with the 2.2L and 5spd tranny. i swapped the 2.2L for a 4.3L V6. and i was thinking about baggin it(airbag suspension, for those who didnt kno that). i just wanted to kno what u guys think about that and what else i should do to it. here is a list of things i plan on achieving.

1. custom fiberglass dash
2. custom fiberglass sub box behind the seat(single cab)
3. airbag suspension
4. "ghost" flames on black pearl paint
5. hopefully after saving some money up some gold 100spoke daytons :thumbs:

posted by  Mx3Kid

I'd be too worried someone would rip those off on my car. Ouch.

Oh, and how does one go about getting custom fiberglass work done? Do you have to supply your own mold?

posted by  Jon_K

any car shop that specializes in custom rides can do the fibreglass work. just be careful - saw a fiberglass stereo install that looked like shit(fiberglass was warped and bubbling, and rough as hell)

posted by  dodgerforlife

i can do my own custom fiberglassing, and so it doesnt look like crap i sand it down like mad and then paint it and seal it and the buff and wax it so it looks real good.
i wouldnt worrie about someone stealin me rims cas its not gonna be like a daily driver or anything.

Custom fiberglassing tutorial (http://web.njit.edu/~cas1383/proj/main/) that is a good site for beginners, but i didnt learn to do it from there.

posted by  Mx3Kid

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