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My car was running just fine Thursday night and Friday morning, the engine would not turn over. There is nothing, no clicking. It is not the battery, I had it checked. All the lights, radio, gauges, etc. are working fine. When I turn the key, nothing. I need this thing running by Monday for work so any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

posted by  dlong71

Needs a new starter.

posted by  SlipKnoT

sounds like a starter. i'd say fuel pump, but if there's no clicking then that's not it. :2cents:

posted by  SuperJew

check your battery cables at the battery connection. the positive will more than likely have green corrosion at the terminal under the cables casing/wire cover this seems to be a problem area that stay hidden till a no start condition happens there are 2 cables one to the starter and one to the fuse box under the hood this is why your lights and other stuff works but no starter or limited amperage/voltage to the starter

posted by  osborste

when you turn the key to the "start" position, do the idiot lights go out? if not, (for an automatic) try putting it in neutral and/or moving the shifter around slightly when you turn the key, as you may have a bad neutral safety switch. if the idiot lights go out when you try to crank it, i think that would point towards a bad starter. in that case, try hitting the starter w/ a hammer while having someone turn the key for you. that will give you your confirmation for a bad starter... :thumbs:

posted by  dodger65

Two things I can think of.

First (and don't laugh)

pour some soda like coke or pepsi on top of the connectors to the battery. If they are corroded, then they may not be making contact with the battery. The acid in the soda will eat away the rust and conduct electricty.

If it works, later tighten the screws on the connectors to the battery (after you turn the car off, of course. You don't want to be holding a metal screwdriver beside a car battery while it's running).

Second, do you have a security system of any kind in the car? My car had that happen, and it was because the wires inside the steering wheel going to the ignition switch were worn out, and weren't telling the car that the key I had with the correct security chip was authentic. My car wouldn't start because it didn't recognize the key, even though it was legit, and would ignore any key, even if right for 3 minutes as a safety precation to prevent theft.

Good luck.

posted by  apollo1980

Mine did the same thing only with no idiot lights. It was the 30 amp starter fuse in the box under the hood.

posted by  lyonro

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